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9 Cremation Myths That Everyone Thinks Are True

9 Myths About Cremation

Cremation myths abound. With the surging popularity of cremation as a common option for final disposition (see #9, below), the myths about cremation are slowly being dispelled. Here are some of the most common ones. Continue reading 9 Cremation Myths That Everyone Thinks Are True

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20 Reasons Why People Are Choosing Cremation

Reasons why people are choosing cremation

More and more people are choosing cremation as a final disposition method. Cremation is on the rise, and there are many factors involved in this trend – from cost to claustrophobia, from religious considerations to the convenience of Skype, there are not only broad trends but also uniquely specific reasons why more and more people choose cremation over burial.

Here are five general, broad-brush reasons why people are choosing cremation, followed by specific comments from actual people on why they have decided to go with cremation. Continue reading 20 Reasons Why People Are Choosing Cremation

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14 Questions to Ask When Considering Cremation

Questions about cremation

When considering cremation as the disposition method in your or a loved one’s final disposition, there are many options. It’s helpful to get an idea of what options are available, what questions and issues are important to you, and what services and pitfalls you should avoid. Continue reading 14 Questions to Ask When Considering Cremation

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Estimating Cubic Inches for Cremated Remains

Cubic inches for cremation urns

The simplest and safest way to estimate how many cubic inches of space you will need is to take the weight of the individual and convert it directly into cubic inches. So a 150 lbs individual will generally require about 150 cubic inches of space inside the cremation urn. The industry standard size for a single adult urn is around 200 cubic inches, which will generally hold any individual who weighed 200 lbs or under. Continue reading Estimating Cubic Inches for Cremated Remains

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10 Interesting Funeral Infographics

Infographics for Funerals, Death, and Cremation

In a visual world, a unique illustrated display of facts and figures can go a long way towards explaining a difficult or in-depth topic. Here are ten interesting funeral infographics that we have found to be helpful. Below you’ll find many new fascinating facts, tips, and stats relating to topics such as how to plan a funeral, cremation trends, famous funerals, handy life insurance information, and the rising costs of dying. Continue reading 10 Interesting Funeral Infographics

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Christian Views on Cremation

What do Christians believe about Cremation?

What do Christians believe about cremation?

Christian views on cremation have always emphasized a high view of the human body. This is due to several factors, including the Creation story in Genesis 1-2 and the belief that mankind is created in God’s image, along with Continue reading Christian Views on Cremation