Virtual Funerals: How to Create a Meaningful Online Service

Creating Online Funeral Services

Let’s talk about virtual funerals. This might mean memorial services on Zoom, life celebrations on Facebook, or private online funerals by invite only.

How do you create an online memorial service in these trying times? Here’s what you need to know about virtual funerals and how to plan a meaningful memorial when everyone can’t gather together.

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Pet Grief: How to Cope When Grieving Your Fur Baby

Grieving Our Pets: Now What?

Let’s talk about pet grief.

Pets are part of our family. They greet us every day, snuggle with us, and look to us for love, companionship, and sustenance. To be sure, the relationship we have with our pet is different from our human relationships.

But it’s just as real.

So when we say goodbye to a beautiful fur baby, the grief we feel is real, too.

In this article, we’re going to talk about how to cope when grieving the loss of a pet.

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35 Beautiful Christmas Memorial Ornaments

30+ Ideas for Memorial Christmas Ornaments

The Christmas season is here, but it is so very different without your loved one near.

Many families create a Christmas memorial ornament that honors the memory of their loved one. This is a small way to feel their much-missed presence during the special holiday time.

The right ornament often becomes one of the family’s most treasured memorial Christmas decorations.

So look back on yesterday’s memories and begin creating new ones for you and your family. These ornament provide a great way to share your love and holiday memories. Here are 35 of our favorite Christmas memorial ornaments.

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