Homemade grave marker

Your Options for Grave Markers

There are many, many decisions that surround planning a funeral. Today we’re going to be talking about your options for grave markers. Customs, materials, locations and many other helpful resources are outlined below to make your decision making a bit easier. Let’s dive into it.

How Does a Funeral Proceed When a Pope Dies?

John Paul II, a Holy Father in the Catholic Church and the Bishop of Rome, commonly known as The Pope, died in 2005. Funerals are such an interesting process. They help us to deal with grief and move forward after the loss of a loved one. When a significant religious figure

Epitaph ideas from famous epitaphs

5 Famous Epitaphs

People always wonder what is “standard” or commonly written by others on urn inscriptions and funeral stone engravings. But what are some unique inscriptions or epitaphs? And what can we learn from the famous epitaphs of well-known individuals – how their unique lives were expressed in a final, lasting quote, saying, or sentence?

in loving memory bible verses - feature image

In Loving Memory Bible Verses for Epitaph

Choosing a select few word to represent and memorialize the life of a loved one is a daunting task. When putting an inscription on an urn, or an epitaph on a headstone, the important features to look for in a quote are significance, brevity, and relevance. Here is a good selection of epitaph verses for you to browse.

how to open an urn - feature image

How to Open an Urn

In this article we are going to show you how to open an urn. The one question we have been asked most over the years is “how do you open the urn?” Most of our cremation urn product pages will display¬†(albeit at the bottom) information to the effect that the urn opens with 4 screws …

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