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One Family’s Sea Burial Scattering Service

Water Scattering Service

Morning Coffee at SunriseIt begins early in the morning with a small group of family members and close friends. A few are in from out of town, staying at a hotel or in the guest bedroom, but everyone is awake now and finishing up the breakfast of fresh fruit and egg & potato casserole or nursing a cup of coffee. The conversation is light and almost playful as the sun begins streaming in through the east windows. Someone brings donuts. Continue reading One Family’s Sea Burial Scattering Service

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13 Military Flag Displays & Accessories

Military burial flags and accessories

Our collection of premier military flag displays is continually growing, showcasing the highest quality of craftsmanship and quality. These flag display cases will proudly display your loved one’s military flag for an heirloom memorial. Here are 13 of our best military flag displays and accessories. Continue reading 13 Military Flag Displays & Accessories

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Memorial Photo Albums & Matching Cremation Urns

Photo Albums and Cremation Urns

Considering how you would like to honor the memory of your loved one is key when selecting a cremation urn. One popular idea is a keepsake memorial photo album, which can hold a collection of your favorite photographs of the departed loved one. But it can be difficult to keep a theme going among the various memorial keepsakes, or to match a cremation urn with other keepsake items such as photo albums. Enter our collection of Piano Wood Finish cremation urns and memorial photo albums. Continue reading Memorial Photo Albums & Matching Cremation Urns

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34 Creative Memorial Service Ideas

Ideas for the Memorial Service, Funeral, or Reception

Memorial services can vary in style, tone, and content just as widely as the unique personalities of the individuals being memorialized. As more and more families choose to modify or entirely steer clear of “traditional” services, the options for celebrating the life of a loved one multiply to accommodate the preferences of the family or the decedent.

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33 Inspiring Life Celebration Quotes

Quotes for life celebration

Here are several of the most inspiring, interesting, and unique Life Celebration quotes we’ve gathered from around the internet. These memorial quotes are ideal for inspiring conversation and memories about a departed loved one. Or, use them to add some eloquence and personality to your eulogy in describing and celebrating a beloved life. We’ve provided each Life Celebration quote in both text and meme formats, which makes it easy to copy and paste or share in social media circles.

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Creating A Memorial Space in Your Home

Memorial Space

A loved one’s death will leave many things behind – photos, letters, trinkets, clothing, and much more. More than just the tangible stuff which surrounds us, a departed loved one will leave behind a lifetime of memories and a vast empty hole in the lives of those around them. One way to deal with the intangible effects of a family member’s death is to make use of the tangible things to create a memorial space in your home.

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Awareness Ribbons & Memorial Urns

Awareness ribbons have come to symbolize a wide array of important causes. The iconic pink ribbon, representing breast cancer awareness, is etched into the public consciousness due to the efforts of the Susan G. Komen Foundation and other related charities in launching Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Other causes took up the ribbon at around the same time, notably AIDS awareness groups which pioneered a red awareness ribbon. Continue reading Awareness Ribbons & Memorial Urns

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Photo Memorials: 7 Unique Funeral Pictures & Keepsakes

With the quality and affordability of both amateur and professional portrait photography on the rise, creating high quality and unique photo memorials for displaying a loved one’s image at a funeral or memorial service has never been easier. Here are some of the options available for funeral pictures & keepsakes. Continue reading Photo Memorials: 7 Unique Funeral Pictures & Keepsakes

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12 Heartwarming Pet Memorial Gifts

12 Heartwarming Pet Memorial Gifts

Today we are going to look at twelve absolutely heartwarming pet memorial gifts.

If someone you know has had a beloved pet pass away, a thoughtful and personalized pet memorial gift can show that special touch of sympathy and friendship. At the same time, a heartfelt sympathy gift gives the pet’s owner a keepsake memento to help them treasure the memories of their pet forever. Here are 12 heartwarming pet memorial gift ideas.

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