Can ashes be put in a tree?

Mailbag: Can Ashes Be Put In a Tree?

Our Birdhouse Scattering Urns present a creative way to scatter ashes and honor your loved one’s memory. They are designed to hold the remains and be used as a scattering urn, then, after the scattering, the urn transforms into a birdhouse so that you can hang it in a tree as a sort of ‘living memorial‘ tribute that will provide a home for birds.

Recently, a reader wrote in to ask if these urns will work for hanging the ashes of a loved on in a tree. Here’s the question, followed by our answer below the Pin-able image.

Can ashes be put into a tree?

Good morning,

My mother passed away few days ago. She loved the wind. She was an eccentric, beloved mother. My imperfect English could not translate her many imperfections that made her a beautiful and unique human being. Among her last wills, she asked that her ashes be put at the top of a tree, and what else than a bird house can fulfill this will?

I have a question or two about the Bird House called Birdhouse Scattering Urn Natural Birdsong. Does the bird house can contain all the ashes from a normal human body? Can we ask a customization: we would like to have no hole to avoid birds to get in the house…is this possible? Could you send us the step by step instructions so we could understand more the way we put the ashes inside?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Katerine & Family

Cremated ashes disposition

Hi Katerine,

Thanks for asking! The bird house urn has an inside capacity of 190 cubic inches, which is more than enough room to hold the remains of a person who weighed up to 190 lbs (see here for detailed urn sizing information). The urn comes with a plug in the birdhouse hole, and it was designed to hold the cremated remains until they are scattered. You could certainly hang it in a tree with the remains inside, but you will want to consider potential issues carefully before doing so.

For hanging the urn in a tree, it will be somewhat heavy, so you’ll want to make sure it is well-hung using sturdy rope or perhaps a chain. The urn itself weighs about 4 lbs while the remains will be around 4-7 lbs. Here are instructions and more information on the item. In a nutshell, the top of the birdhouse/urn comes off by removing the pins in the upper sides. Fill the urn, replace the top and pins, and it is ready to go.

One consideration is that the urn and the remains inside will be exposed to the unknowable vagaries of nature. The tree branch could break, a storm could upset things, animals could climb around on it, the tree struck by lightning, exposure to the elements could affect things, etc. However, judging by your comments about your mother, she may perhaps have welcomed such things. Also, you may want to think about a more permanent location for the final resting place should something happen to the urn or the tree. With that, we leave such considerations in your hands for your best judgment.

Check out all the birdhouse scattering urns here.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

All the best,

Daniel Szczesniak

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