10 Cowboy Cremation Urns

Cowboy Cremation Urns are the ideal memorial tribute for a cattle-ropin’, horse-ridin’, boot wearin’, all-American cowboy. Below we’ve collected ten different cremation urns with themes and designs which can be meaningful as a representation of the life and passions of your beloved cowboy.

1. Praying Cowboy & Cross Cremation Urn

Wooden Cowboy Urn

Our newest cowboy design, the Praying Cowboy & Cross Cremation Urn was designed specifically for the Christian cowboy. The wood inlay art scene depicts a man, hat in hand, kneeling in prayer and looking up to the symbol of the Christian cross on Mount Calvary in the distance while his beloved horse stands by patiently.

The simple, pointed composition reflects the things of utmost importance to the religious cowboy. Made in the USA from premium hardwoods with inlays of various wood types in their natural colors, the urn is pictured here in Oak but can also be made in Walnut or Maple.

2. Handmade Ceramic “Cattle Boss” Cremation Urn

Wall Mounted Cowboy Cremation Urn

This ceramic art bust of a bull cattle is handmade in the USA by a talented husband and wife team of ceramic artists. The Handmade Ceramic “Cattle Boss” Cremation Urn is designed to be mounted on the walls of your ranch home, attractively finished as a work of decorative art which discreetly and tactfully storing the remains in the interior of the bust.

Ideal for a cowboy cattle rancher, this cremation urn has a capacity of up to 185 cubic inches and comes ready to mount.

3. Cowboy & Horse Road Home Cremation Urn

Cowboy Cremation Urns

The walnut wood of this cowboy cremation urn contrasts perfectly with the cherry wood used for the winding country lane. The Cowboy & Horse Road Home Cremation Urn weaves the tree in the foreground into the front panel, giving the scene a sense of depth and artistry.

A horse (made from maple) trots along carrying a cowboy (made with walnut) towards the setting sun on their final journey home. Made in the USA from premium hardwoods, also available in Oak.

4. Cowboy Boots Urn

Cowboy Cremation Urns

The Cowboy Boots Urn is crafted and finished with incredible detail, using simulated leather which is hand-painted and airbrushed. This resuls in a breathtaking yet earthy art piece with leather-like cowboy boots resting on a coiled lasso rope.

With premium artistry and an above average capacity at 286 cubic inches, the Cowboy Boots Urn is ideal as a representative memorial for any rancher, cowboy, or cowgirl.

5. Desert Horse Wood Cowboy Cremation Urn

Cowboy Cremation Urn in Walnut Wood

The desert plains and mesas of Arizona, New Mexico, and surrounding areas are perfectly typified by the laser carved inlay art scene in our Desert Horse Wood Cowboy Cremation Urn. Surrounded by a wood embellishment made of oak laser carved to look like an old-fashioned picture frame, a cowboy and his faithful steed ride towards the sunset in an iconic image of the American southwest.

Made in an Oregon woodshop from premium hardwoods, the urn box above is pictured in walnut wood and can also be made in oak or maple depending on your preference.

6. Handmade Ceramic Texas Longhorn Cremation Urn

Cowboy Cremation Urns: Texas Longhorn

The Handmade Ceramic Texas Longhorn Cremation Urn is our second wall-mounted art deco piece with a cowboy ranch theme. Rustic yet pulsating with the daring spirit characteristic of the Lone Star State, this bust of a Texas Longhorn steer is the ideal memorial for the Texan cowboy rancher with an adventurous soul.

The husband-and-wife sculpture art team which created this unique cowboy cremation urn strives to improve on the notion of the typical funeral urn form, by creating art which is unlike anything you’ve seen before. These kiln-fired wall mounted Texas Longhorn urns are definite in subject while remaining discreet in function. Hand crafted, hand painted, and finished with a lovely bronze glaze, this memorial piece comes ready to mount on the walls of your home.

7. Cowboy Cremation Urn with Heartland Horse Inlay

Wood Urn with Horse and Cowboy Inlay

This solid wood urn, made in the USA in our popular “Ambassador” shape, boasts incredible lines and a rich inlay art rendering of a horse and rider journeying on that final ride home through the American heartland.

The Cowboy Cremation Urn with Heartland Horse Inlay is shown here in walnut with an oak border, cherry sky, maple background, with rosewood, yellowheart, and walnut for the cowboy riding the horse. A seminal wood art depiction of your beloved cowboy’s heart and style.

8. Hand Turned Maple Cowboy Hat Cremation Urn

Cowboy Cremation Urn

Maple wood turned by hand into the shape of a homespun cowboy hat. Exceptional craftsmanship is exhibited in the shapely detail of our Hand Turned Maple Cowboy Hat Cremation Urn, making it a brilliant choice to commemorate your loved one.

The “hat stand” base is make from padauk wood, and the interior is accessed from the bottom by a threaded stopper. With an above-average capacity of 275 cubic inches, this cowboy hat will serve as a splendid final resting place for the strapping cattleman.

9. Mountain Horse Cremation Urn

Cowboy Cremation Urns

The evergreen-laden mountain ranges of the Pacific Northwest are impeccably captured in the detailed laser engraving of this horse and cowboy memorial art scene. The Mountain Horse Cremation Urn, pictured above in oak wood, exhibits the classic image of a horse and rider galloping off into the sunset to convey the sense of your loved one’s final journey home.

10. Horse Riding Home Cremation Urn 

Christian Cowboy Urn

The Horse Riding Home Cremation Urn is identical to #9, but with a Christian cross emblazoned in the sky in place of the moon. Pictured in walnut wood in our popular “Ambassador” shape with wavy accent lines surrounding the base of the piece, these cowboy cremation urns serve as a beautiful eulogy to the Christian cowboy, cattleman, or rancher.

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