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Should a Companion Urn Have a Divider?

Last Updated on October 24, 2016

One of the most common questions we get about companion urns concerns the interior – should a companion urn have a divider?

First, a quick tip concerning inurnment. We generally recommend leaving the remains inside the plastic bag in which they come while placing the ashes into an urn. This has several advantages: it keeps things simple, adds an extra layer of security to ensure the remains do not spill or leak out, and makes it easy in case you ever need to remove the ashes.

So now to answer the question of whether or not a companion should have a divider. If you keep the remains in the plastic bag(s) as recommended above, you will not need a divider since the plastic serves as a barrier.

This can be helpful in case one of the individuals weighs significantly more than the other: if there is a fixed, permanent divider, you will need to ensure that both compartments are large enough to hold each individual’s remains. But if there is no divider, the remains can more naturally fill and fit within the open interior of the companion urn.

Two separate compartments for remains
The Cultured Granite Companion Urn has two separate compartments for remains.

Additionally, some couple wish to be comingled – to have their ashes mixed together inside the urn. A request for comingling can fulfilled best by a companion urn with no divider.

The divider feature does vary by each individual companion urn design. In most ceramic companion urns there are no dividers, since the urn is shaped like a vase and there isn’t really a practical way to include a divider. Many cultured marble or granite companion urns are constructed with two separate compartments, complete with two separate stoppers for each individual section (our Engraved Photo Companion Urn in Granite, pictured here, has two such compartments). Metal companion urns may include a divider, and some, as in the case of several of our wood companion urns, the divider is optional, moveable, and removeable.

However, other wood double urns may be made with permanent dividers or separate compartments, so pay careful attention to the product details. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about the specifics of any of our companion cremation urns.

Wood Companion Urn in Walnut
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