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Cremation Urn Size Chart – Infographic

Size Chart for Cremation Urn Sizing

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We have plenty of helpful information on what size cremation urn to get, but sometimes it’s easiest and simplest to just present to information visually. So here is our Cremation Urn Size Chart in infographic form:

Infographic for Cremation Urn Size

The basics, in bullet points:

  • General size rule: 1 lbs body weight equals 1 cubic inch of remains
  • This rule is forĀ healthy body weight, which is displayed in the charts above
  • Take the individual’s height and body type, and use the charts to figure the healthy body weight
  • The healthy body weight is roughly the cubic inch capacity you will need for a cremation urn
  • All cremation urns are measured in cubic inches, andĀ 200 cubic inches is the industry standard for an adult urn.

Example: A 5’1″ woman with a medium frame, her “healthy body weight” would be 115-129 pounds. Using that number (not actual weight), this individual will require a cremation urn with a size of about 115-129 cubic inches. So just about any standard adult cremation urn will work fine, since most are around 200 cubic inches.

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