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Custom Wood Cremation Urns

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One way to honor the life of your loved one is to have a unique cremation urn custom built to hold their cremains.

We have recently partnered with a master craftsman to bring you the option of customizing a cremation urn for your departed loved one.  Choose a wood type that will reflect memories of their character: solid walnut for the strong, dependable one; red mahogany for the romantic; a cheerful light oak for the joyful outdoor lover.  Customize an inlay design around the edges, and add a carved token of a cross, a butterfly, a rose, a book, a ’66 Mustang, a pair of wedding rings…. the ideas and possibilities are endless. See our Custom Wood Cremation Urn for more details.

Why buy a mass-produced imported burial urn when, for under $1000, you can have a custom built urn with special accents and designs unique to you and your loved one?  Visit Urns Northwest for the best in custom made wood cremation urns.

Cremation Urn with Cross and Butterfly

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