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Hummingbird Cremation Urns

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Let’s talk about hummingbird cremation urns.

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Hummingbirds, according to Ted Andrews, author of Animal-Speak, represent in Native American culture, “timeless joy and the Nectar of Life. It’s a symbol for accomplishing that which seems impossible and will teach you how to find the miracle of joyful living from your own life circumstances.”

Whether because of the symbolic meaning of hummingbirds or because a departed loved one had always found them irresistably intriguing and beautiful, the hummingbird is a wonderful subject for memorial cremation urns.

Hummingbird Cremation Urns

At Urns Northwest, we offer a variety of wood urns, ceramic urns, small keepsake urns, and even wood clock urns which feature lovely hummingbird scenes. These urns are made by the finest woodworkers and ceramic artists to create a beautiful memorial as a stirring keepsake for your loved one. Below we’ve listed a selection of some of the most popular hummingbird cremation urns and memorials we provide, and you can view the full selection here.

Hummingbird Urn in Oak
Brilliant workmanship results in a stunning, 3-dimensional hummingbird scene which will serve as a gorgeous addition to your home decor while providing an elegant resting place for your loved one.
Companion Urn with 3 Dimensional Scene
Our “companion” sized urn with the 3-dimensional wood art scene. Choose “Hummingbird” option, and we will produce this urn in companion size for two individuals with the same hummingbird and flower design you see above.
Hummingbird Bird Feeder Memorial
This cedar bird feeder is not an urn, but one of our most popular memorial gifts. We engrave the front acrylic panel with a hummingbird design along with the name and dates of your loved one.


Hummingbird Ceramic Cremation Urn in Color | Shape 1
This is a more recent addition, an update on our original hummingbird ceramic urn with color added to the design. The colorful version has proved quite popular, and is available in several shapes and sizes to suit your needs.
A simple cherry wood urn, built in the USA from solid cherry, laser etched with the nature scene of a hummingbird flitting down upon a natural wreath of flowers. A classic design which we have offered for years.
Hummingbird Cremation Urn in Walnut
Our 3-dimensional wood art scene in the lovely “Astoria” shape. Available in Walnut (as pictured), Oak, or Maple wood. As you can see, the Walnut provides a stunning contrast to the cherry wood background and helps the maple and rosewood of the flowers and bird to stand out with picturesque beauty.
Astoria Clock Urn - Oak with Hummingbird
Our 3-dimensional art scenes come in a wide selection of styles, including different shapes and sizes. This one includes a gorgeous working clock.
Hummingbird Dimensional Keepsake Urn
“Keepsake” is sort of a code word withing the urn industry, it means that the urn holds a small amount of remains so that a family member can retain a small amount of ashes as a token “keepsake”. This keepsake urn holds one cubic inch of ashes in a tiny compartment in the back of the urn.
Garden Stone Granite Urn for Ashes
This heavy stone urn can be displayed outdoors in your garden, and can be engraved on top with a selection of artwork including the patriotic Eagle & Flag scene pictured above, as well as Praying Hands, Roses, and many more, including an enchanting hummingbird design.
Hummingbird Ceramic Cremation Urn | Shape 2
Our original hummingbird ceramic urn, handmade in the USA by a talented ceramic artist. The hummingbird design is fired on using a unique creative process which results in the sepia-toned image, giving the urn a vintage or antique look.
Hummingbird Cremation Urn
Another take of the 3-dimensional wood art, with a very detailed hummingbird feasting on the nectar of the beautiful summer flowers.
Oak Urn with Copper Applique
A stately, premium wood urn which is available in your choice of Cherry, Oak, or Walnut wood with an exclusive medallion depicting flowers and hummingbird. The medallion comes in your choice of Copper, Silver, or 24K Gold.
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