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7 Inscription Ideas for Companion Urns

Companion Urns Inscription

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What should be the inscription be on a companion urn?

This is one of the most common, and perplexing, questions our customer service team receives. As inscriptions are permanently engraved and the standard formats generally include name, date of birth, and date of death, deciding what to put on an urn for two people can be a difficult decision. Here are some helpful tips to help you design the perfect memorial.

Inscription When Both Are Deceased

When both individuals are deceased, the classic epitaph formats are often the ideal inscription. Here are two ideas, which include names and dates of birth and death:

Companion Urn Inscription Ideas
1. Names & Dates Side by Side
Companion Urn Inscription Ideas
2. Names & Dates

Inscription When Both Are Living

When you are a couple pre-planning together for your final arrangements and are considering a companion urn, you have the opportunity to discuss how you would like to be memorialized with an inscription. Generally, pre-planned inscriptions include both names and a sentiminet expressing your devotion to one another, such as “Together Forever”, “Loving Husband, Devoted Wife”, or your wedding date.

Companion Urns Inscription Ideas
3. Names & Quote (no dates)
Companion Urns Inscription Ideas
4. Names & Wedding Date
Companion Urn Inscription Ideas
5. Names, Birth Dates, Wedding Date

Inscription When One Is Deceased

When one of the companions has passed away, the years married are known and definite, so an option for inscription on the companion urn is to list the number of years the couple was married, or the dates through which they were together.

Another idea which we will often suggest in this situation is to have the urn engraved with an inscription similar one of the ones shown below, then make arrangements for after both individuals are deceased for a simple engraved metal plate to be inscribed with the dates and placed over the top of the original inscription. This gives the living spouse the ability to have a beautifully engraved memorial urn, then have complete and accurate epitaph information on the urn for posterity.

Companion Urns Inscription Ideas
6. Names & Years Married
Companion Urns Inscription Ideas
7. Names & Dates Married

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Companion Urns

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