Large Capacity Urns

Last Updated on August 19, 2016

Looking for large-sized cremation urns? At Urns Northwest, we have a variety of above-average capacity urns to suit your need.

The industry standard size for an adult cremation urn is 200 cubic inches. This number is reached by figuring that, for every 1 lbs of human body weight, 1 cubic inch of space is needed for cremated remains. Thus, a 180 lbs adult will require an urn with the capacity to hold 180 cubic inches of cremains.

The formula is not perfect; usually, 180 lbs will translate to slightly less than 180 cubic inches, but it is a good rule of thumb to calculate. In the cremation process, body fat is completely incinerated while most of what remains is bone matter, so a larger individual will often require an urn of less than equal capacity to their actual weight.

When searching for a funeral urn, it is still best to follow the rule of 1 lbs equals 1 cubic inch, so here we have provided a selection of cremation urns that may suit your needs.

Available in 220 cubic inch size

Available in 220 & 375 cubic inch sizes

Available in 220 & 375 cubic inch sizes

Available in 230 & 400 cubic inch sizes
(over 40 scenes to choose from; click here to view entire selection)
286 cubic inches
250 cubic inches, available in a variety of colors: Black, Blue, Charcoal, Merlot, Orchid,  Sand Tone, and Timberline Green
420 cubic inches
View our entire selection of Companion Urns; these have a capacity between 375-420 cubic inches



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