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“Soft Breezes” Sailing Art Cremation Urn

Last Updated on October 24, 2016

For the sailing enthusiast, we present this premium wood art memorial urn hand crafted in the USA from solid wood and engraved in fine detail. The “Soft Breezes” Sailing Art Cremation Urn features laser etched wood pieces in their natural colors, layered together to create a sense of depth and realism.

Want more visuals? Scroll to the end to see a video showcasing this urn in 360 degrees.

Pictured below in rick dark Walnut wood, the Soft Breezes urn can also be made in lovely white Maple and exquisite Oak wood. Take a moment to look at the many wood types used and the first-rate detail of the sailing scene:

Cremation Urn


The framed border, foreground hill with durable coastal tree, and distant shoreline are all made from natural Cherry wood. The background features Alder, with etched ripples of wind-blown waves breathing life into the ocean water image. Seagulls are crafted from Maple, as is the white sail on the sailboat. The boat itself is in Walnut, and Rosewood completes the watercraft’s other sail.

Here is the cremation urn pictured from another angle. Note the depth of the inlay art scene, and the individuality of the Walnut wood grain:

Soft Breezes Inlay Art

As with most wooden cremation urns, the “Soft Breezes” urn opens from the bottom. The four standard Phillips screws hold the base in place. Simply remove the screws and the bottom panel will detach, allowing access to the interior of the urn box.

If the funeral home won’t be filling the urn for you, all you will need to do is take the plastic bag in which the remains come and place it into the open urn box. Then re-attach the screws. No need for sealant, since the plastic will keep the remains secure inside the urn. For video demonstrations, see here.

Wood Urn

Here are a couples of slightly higher views of the urn, in which you can see the layers of wood used for the top, sides, and base.

Soft Breezes Walnut Wood Cremation Urn Walnut Wood Sailing Urn

Lastly, a straight-ahead photo of the inlay art scene. Note the balance and symmetry of the artwork, and the way the red Rosewood and white Maple draw the viewer’s eye directly to the sailing ship as the focal point of the piece.

"Soft Breezes" Wood Cremation Urn with Inlay Art

The Soft Breezes Sailing Art Cremation Urn is available here in your choice of Walnut, Oak, or Maple wood. Optional laser engraved personalization is available for you to add name and dates.

As promised, here is the video of this urn:

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