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The Perfect Companion Urn

Wood Companion Urn in Walnut

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Wood Companion Urn in Walnut

A couple, tired and grey yet still in love, holding hands as they take one last walk together down a familiar county lane, besides the oak tree where they carved their initials, alongside the old fence they used to sit on, towards the setting sun…

Wood Double Urns for Two
Oak Wood

This wood cremation urn is a lovely piece of wood-crafted art. Our Together Again Companion Urn is made in the USA from your choice of walnut (pictured above) or oak (inset), and boasts an incredibly intricate woodcut and laser engraved scene, composed using different layered pieces of domestic and exotic hardwoods in their natural colors to give the 3-dimensional effect.

We can also personalize this companion urn with an inscription, laser engraved directly onto the surface of the wood, on the top or back of the urn. These double urns are made to order within 5-10 business days, and we are happy to offer free ground shipping directly to your home, a relative’s home, or the funeral home.





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