Scattering Urn that Turns into a Bird House

This Unique Urn Turns Into a Bird House After Scattering

This is a one-of-a-kind memorial and cremation urn. These solid wood scattering urns are designed to securely hold the cremated remains until you are ready for the scattering ceremony. The urn is usually displayed with the plugged entry portal facing away from viewers.

Birdhouse Scattering Urn

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Use as a Scattering Urn

To open the urn to place the remains inside and later to scatter, simply pull out the two steel pin/pegs in the side of the urn (located just under the “roof”). Same thing to re-attach – just replace the top lid and insert the pins again, making sure to carefully line up the holes on the topside of the urn with the holes in the roof base.

The bag inside is optional. It’s a biodegradable bag that will melt almost instantly when it comes into contact with water. You can use it to contain the ashes, or the ashes can go directly into the urn without the bag. If you choose not to use the bag, you should plan on rinsing out the urn with fresh water after scattering before you convert the urn into a bird house.

Convert the Urn into a Bird House

To convert the urn into a memorial bird house, remove the cork stopper by pushing it out from the inside of the entry portal. If you look inside the urn, you will notice stickers on the bottom and sides that cover small holes. These are drainage and ventilation holes for the health of the birds dwelling in the birdhouse. You can remove the sticker by hand, or puncture them from the outside with the supplied poker.

The bird house can be mounted on a post through the screw holes in the base, or hung from the loop on top. Posts and hangers are available from any local hardwar or nursery supply store.

Memorial Bird House Urn

Bird House Maintenance

To maintain your memorial birdhouse you should clean it out annually. This is best done in the winter after the birds have flown south. This will give the next birds a fresh start when they build their nest in the springtime.

Your memorial bird house will last for many years with no maintenance to the outside. Over time, the wood will fade to grey. This is completely normal for any outdoor wood product. To preserve the birdhouse into the future, you can apply varnish or eurethane.

We hope you enjoy and are blessed by your bird house memorial scattering urn!

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