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Unique Urns for Interesting Individuals – Series Introduction

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How to find the perfect cremation urn for your beloved.

An urn is meant to function in several capacities.

First, and most practically, it is meant to hold the cremains of an individual. So watch out for some of the cheaper foreign-made copys; most of these are not made with the quality of an urn meant to last for years or generations to come. Choose something well-crafted from quality materials.

Second, the design, theme, or style should reflect the departed one’s character in some way that celebrates their life and memory. So consider the wood type, the construction style, and the design depicted on the urn with regards to what the cremation urn says about your loved one.

Third, a cremation urn is a means by which you not only remember, but enjoy remembering your loved one. So follow the advice in point number two above, but be sure to pick out an urn that you like, and that celebrates aspects of your beloved that put a warm smile on your lips.

With these points in mind, we’re launching this series of blog posts to highlight quality urns in order to help you decide which unique cremation urn is the perfect fit for your loved one’s unique personality. In doing so, we’ll advertise our own unique cremation urns at UrnsNW, of course (and throw in some coupon codes to boot); but we’ll also do our best to give you ideas and links to help you make a choice you’ll be satisfied with as time goes by.

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