Eco friendly disposition methods for cremated remains

Video: How to Fill a Biodegradable Cremation Urn

Last Updated on October 24, 2016

Scattering ashes is becoming a popular choice as a final disposition method for cremated remains. “Scattering” is something of a blanket term to describe any means of disposing of remains in the great outdoors. This includes scattering at sea, in rivers, from a helicopter, on a mountaintop, off a cliff, in a park, at the family ranch, or even ground burial at or near any of these types of locations.

Just about any container can be used for scattering, because all you need is something that will allow you to easily pour out the remains. Some families will choose to use the container in which the remains come, while others will opt for something a little nicer. However, when pouring out the remains, you may have to deal with issues such as wind, or you may be uncomfortable leaving a small residual amount in the container. These are just some of the reasons why we offer a wide variety of biodegradable cremation urns, which will allow you to “scatter” the remains at sea or via ground burial without actually having to pour out the ashes.

Our line of organic paper-based urns are ideal for this. Prior to the burial or sea scattering, you’ll need to fill the biodegradable cremation urn by transferring the remains from the temporary container into the scattering urn. Here’s a video depicting one of our most popular and affordable designs, the Biodegradable Scattering Urn in Antique Gold:

These urns include an eco-friendly biodegradable plastic bag. To fill the biodegradable cremation urn, follow these steps:

  1. Remove lid
  2. Open plastic bag
  3. Place the bag inside the urn opening
  4. Fold the top edges of the bag over the sides of the urn opening
  5. Carefully pour the remains into the plastic bag inside the urn
  6. Close the bag by twisting
  7. Replace the urn lid

Be very careful while opening the plastic bag, because it is somewhat sticky and will begin to decompose if it gets wet or damp. When closing the plastic bag, the natural stickiness will ensure that the bag remains closed, so there is no need to add anything to secure the bag.

How to fill a biodegradable scattering urn

Once you’ve reached the final disposition place, all you’ll need to do is either bury the urn (for ground burial) or drop the urn into the ocean (for sea scattering). The urn will naturally biodegrade within 6 months to a year (depending on local conditions) when buried. For ocean scattering, the urn will float briefly (2-5 minutes) then descend to the ocean floor to biodegrade and slowly scatter the remains into the sea over the next few weeks.

Here are some additional closeups of the Biodegradable Scattering Urn in Antique Gold:

Antique Gold Biodegradable Urn Cardboard UrnsScattering Urns Eco Friendly UrnsBiodegradable Urns
This urn is also available in a smaller “keepsake” size, for use when sharing remains among family members or for separate disposition locations:

Biodegradable Cremation Urns Biodegradable Cremation Urns Small urns for scattering Antique Gold Keepsake Scattering Urn Biodegradable keepsake urns

Browse all our our biodegradable eco friendly urns here. To shop scattering urns for various uses, try these links:

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