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Companion Urns: What is a Companion Urn?

Last Updated on February 25, 2020

Companion Urns Series Intro: Deciding on a disposition method for the remains of two individuals can be a difficult and confusing process. In this series, drawn from our article “Companion Urns: The Complete Guide“, you will find helpful tips, simple explanations for relevant funeral industry terms, a wide array of options for storing and disposing of a couple’s cremated remains, and answers to common questions about companion cremation urns.

What is a “Companion Urn”?

Companion urn informationA companion urn is a cremation container which is intended to hold the remains (i.e., ashes) of two people, usually a couple such as a husband and wife. Companion urns generally hold twice the capacity of a standard adult urn, which is why they are also sometimes referred to as “double urns”, meaning that they are double the size of a standard adult funeral urn.

Companion urns can be made from the same materials as any standard cremation urn; the only difference is that the companion urn is larger in size and may, depending on construction and design, contain a divider. Dividers segment the container so that each individual’s ashes can be placed in a separate compartment.

Please note: Not all urn designs are available in companion size.

An alternate use for a companion urn is to hold the remains of a larger individual. See the next post for sizing information.

Shopping for companion urns? Here’s what our customers are saying:

What is a companion urn?

Within a few days of placing the order on-line, I received a call to discuss our selected inscription. We chose to go without the inscribed vertical line so that the inscription would be centered on the face. The urn arrived a short time later and it is indeed a lovely and very dignified resting place for my parents. We are very pleased.


-Stephen B.


Customer review on Roses Companion Urn

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