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What is a cremation urn? [Video]

Last Updated on October 24, 2016

What is a cremation urn?


cremation urn / (n.):
a. A container or vessel which holds cremated remains.


The long and short is that a cremation urn can be any box, cannister, vessel, vase, receptacle, bag, jar, cistern, capsule, etc. All it needs to do is have enough room to hold the cremated remains, or ‘ashes’, which are generally around 200 cubic inches and weigh 4-7 lbs.

An urn can be a simple wooden box, or it can be a very special memorial carved with intricate art designs like the “bicycle urn” in the video. It can be a custom made ceramic urn with a dragonfly, or it can be something simple from around the home.

Many cremation urns that are available online or at the funeral home open from the bottom, via a removeable panel or plug. Others, such as the vase-shaped urns in ceramic or metal, open from the top, as do the memory chest style keepsake boxes.

Cremation urns can be used in several ways:

  • Storage
  • Display
  • Scattering
  • Burial

They are made from many types of materials:

The term “cremation urns” has many synonyms, including:

  • Funeral urns
  • Memorial urns
  • Urns for ashes
  • Crematory urns
  • Funerary urns
  • Burial urns
  • Etc

All of the above terms mean the same thing: a box or container that holds remains. In other words, a cremation urn.

You can find a cremation urn in almost any material, design, theme, or shape. Hearts, Bibles, sunflowers, sports teams, butterflies, deer hunting, heirloom clocks, plantable seeds, lighthouses, soaring eagles, military insignias, and many more varieties are available, or can be made for you.

Learn more about cremation urns at our resources page.

To round things out and make it official, here is the definition of ‘urn’ from

Cremation Urn Definted

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