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How to plant a memorial tree cremation urn

Memorial Tree Urns

Last Updated on December 6, 2016

Here are the instructions for planting your memorial tree urn. You can download these instructions here: How to Plant a Memorial Tree Cremation Urn

Before you plant

  1. We recommend you use the internet to find out the ideals for site, sun exposure, soil type and watering needs for the kind of memorial tree you have chosen. Search “best conditions to grow [insert tree name here]”
  2. Take shrink wrap off and open the urn. There are two basic components of your memorial tree cremation urn: A) The lower vessel for cremated remains. B) The cap, which contains nutrients and growth medium.
  3. Preparation for planting is very simple.
    1. First, if included, follow the soaking instructions on the seed packet.
    2. Second, open the small paper bag made from natural wood pulp and place the bag in the lower vessel.
    3. Third, fill the bag with no more than 1-1/4 cup of ashes, leaving enough room to fold it over & get the cap on.
    4. Note: If you do not wish to do this, any reputable funeral home or crematory will do it for you.

Planting the urn

  1. Place the cap (or lid) onto the lower vessel in preparation for planting. No need to glue.
  2. Select your area of planting carefully. Keep in mind the type of tree you have selected and the size it and its roots will reach at maturity. Dig a hole approximately 6-7” deep.
  3. Place the urn upright into the hole with the lower vessel portion touching the bottom and the upper capsule nearest the surface.
  4. Replace the soil over the memorial tree urn. You should have no more than 1” of soil over the top of the urn. Water and use a light mulch to protect from excessive cold or heat.
  5. With the special growth medium, nature will take its course and you will soon have a beautiful memorial tree sprouting up.

Note: The memorial tree cremation urn will biodegrade, as it is mostly made of clay, but this will take a few years.

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How to plant a memorial tree

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  1. This article has very nicely elaborated the process of planting a memorial tree urn. Memorial tree created with the remains of the loved ones enable people be alive after death. The process of planting a bio urn is a very tough task and can only be done with the help of the people who have prior knowledge about the same. This article has elaborated the process of planting and growing the tree very nicely. The steps mentioned in this article have been very helpful in understanding the whole process of planting a bio urn cremation tree.

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