20 accents to breathe life into a dreary mortuary

Funeral Home Decor: 20 accents to breathe life into a dreary mortuary

Last Updated on August 30, 2019

So you want to modernize, update, or simply add to your funeral home decor. Without a major renovation, there are plenty of options that will breathe a bit of life into a dreary mortuary.

Below we have collected 20 funeral home decor accents and other ideas that will hopefully give you some inspiration and direction. We begin with easy, low-cost accents and finish up with some medium-range ideas that may require budget approval.

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Funeral Home Decor Accents: Budget Friendly

Here are some simple accents you can add to your current decor scheme that won’t break the budget. If you incorporate a few of these ideas over the coming months, you’ll be surprised at how great an effect these easy additions will make!


Add more light

There are many ways to brighten up a room by adding light. You could get a natural light desklamp for your office, add more lamps in general, switch out your curtains (see #2), add mirrors (#4), or simply practice opening the windows more and letting the light in.

You can update your paint colors, add some cheery throw pillows like the image above shows. There are even such things as virtual skylights (see below).

Adding a couple floor lamps to your funeral home decor won’t set your budget back too far. Here’s a nice idea, the Litespan LED Floorlamp that displays a full spectrum of light:

With the idea of more light = happy employees,  and happy employees = better service for your families, it’s a good basic idea to keep in mind when updating or adding to your decor.

Anything, however slight, that improves the lighting in your funeral home can have a positive effect on the overall environment of your mortuary.

Here are 11 Ways to Get More Light in Dark Rooms


Along the lines of the first point, if your curtains are dark, heavy, dreary masterpieces of the Baroque, perhaps it’s time to update. Allow the room (and the families you are serving!) to breathe.

Let the light in by replacing the dull and bulky drapes with some light white cheer curtains, like the ones pictured above. Swap out just about all your funeral home’s curtains and watch the place instantly brighten up.


Another simple, subtle solution to enhance your funeral home’s lighting is to update your light bulbs. Newer, energy efficient LED bulbs that mimic natural lighting are very affordable, and will make up their cost in savings on your electric bill.

As a bonus, you’ll end up with better, brighter, and more natural lighting inside your mortuary.


Mirrors make a room look brighter and more expansive. Add a large decorative mirror (like the one pictured above) to the walls of your funeral home and it will increase the sense of light and spaciousness in the room. Try the one shown above, or browse the options available at these sources:


Succulents are all the rage, and for good reason. They’re easy to care for, elegant, cheery, vital, and attractive. Add a splash of green – which almost always subtly conveys the idea of life – with an attractive Succulent Hanging Set (above) or an attractive Succulent Living Wreath.

You could also get a starter set of 20 different succulents and place them throughout the areas your clients and families are most likely to see them.

If you like the idea of succulents, learn about how to care for them. You can research online, or get a book like this one that will not only teach you how to care for them but will also add a nice touch as coffee table reading material in your funeral home’s reception area.


Elegant green rug for funeral home

If you go with succulents, get some complementary decor like this Echeveria Succulent Rug, which matches the living wreath and several of the other succulents above.

This idea works for all sorts of plants and flowers – if you choose to go with a white lily theme, for instance, you may be interested in decorating with fresh lilies and accenting your decor with a canvas print of lily fine art photography. You get the idea!


Funeral Home Decor Accents: Rugs

There are many sources to find rug accents in small to medium size that are both affordable and attractive. The Vintage 11 rug pictured above has cheery blue and green tones, and the Wayfair marketplace has many traditional and contemporary designs at tough-to-beat prices.

For higher quality items, you’ll find excellent selections and moderate pricing at Crate & Barrel, Macys, and Menards.


Getting back to the purpose of this article, to “breathe life into a dreary mortuary,” a classic such as the Melissa & Doug Kid’s Rug and Car Activity Play Set will help keep small children occupied, add a splash of color and cheer, and show clients in a small way that you care for the whole family.

The set above comes with four wooden toy cars; you can get additional cars here. There are also similar rugs in larger sizes available.


Light for Funeral Home

We’ve already talked about this a bit with succulents, but it’s worth mentioning again: living plants like flowers, small bushes, trees, vines, etc convey the idea of life. And your funeral home should want to communicate lifeas much as possible.

Green as a color often represents the ideas of health, harmony, emotional healing, growth, and hope. While you probably don’t want to be so overt as putting up wall decals that say “hope” or “life”, a subtler approach may prove surprisingly effective. This is where plants and flowers come in to play.

Consider subscribing to a flower of the month program. There are many such subscription services: BloomseyBox, The Bouqs, ProFlowers and more can provide a fresh array of blooms each month. You can grow a lemon tree indoors, cultivate bonsai trees, or hang some elegant vines. Lots of options here, use your creativity and don’t forget the windowsills and the landscaping just outside the windows.


You’ll want to bring your audio system into the digital age to create the right atmosphere for your families. It’s not funeral home decor per se, but the setting the mood with ambient music or gentle noises will help bring a sense of peace and comfort to your place of business and work.

Go with one or more portable speakers, like the Cambridge SoundWorks Oontz Angle 3, pictured above. With great sound and a price point anyone can afford, you can get several and place them throughout your funeral home or move them as needed.


Anything that provides soft, subtle movements will add a sense of life to your interior design. The John Timberland Cascading Waterfall does this with flowing water that dances in the LED light. This tabletop fountain is a great addition to your funeral home decor.

Here are a few other tabletop water fountain ideas to accent your funeral home decor, affordable enough that you can get several to place throughout your reception areas and offices:


Funeral Home Decor Ideas

Butterflies have long signified renewal, transformation, and life. A lovely minimalist canvas art piece, like the Striped Blue Crow Butterfly pictured above, adds a nice touch of the contemporary to any wall in your funeral home. With the crisp white background and pointed nature theme, the piece subtly conveys ideas of new birth, hope, and new life.

The artist, Joni Russell, has several more butterfly paintings which would be ideal for use as a series in a hallway or open room: Butterfly, Midnight Butterfly, Golden Butterfly, and the previously mentioned Striped Blue Crow Butterfly. These works are also available as framed art prints.

Funeral Home Decor Accents: Bigger & Better

Here are some more accents you can add that may take a little more time, effort, and cost. But the effect for your families will be well worth it!


Offer premium beverages to your clients

There’s nothing like a simple offer of a warm drink to add a welcome touch of comfort to a grieving family’s visit. Keep it well-stocked with a selection of premium beverages and it will show that you’re ready to go the extra mile to meet their needs.

Here are a few ideas for what you might need:


Funeral Home Decor Ideas

Businesses that are considered antiquated, such as funeral homes, are sometimes regarded with a sort of stigma. The idea abounds that funeral homes are stuffy, pushy, and unwelcoming, and especially so towards children. A good funeral home will go out of their way to show that all are welcome, even young children.

One way to show this inclusive mentality is with something like the play rug in #8, above. But you can go beyond by creating an entire game room that can be used by the entire family while you take care of the funeral details with the spouse or other in-charge person.

If you have the free space, put down a sofa and a few chairs, a table, mount a flat-screen TV with a Netflix subscription and a Wii, Xbox, or Playstation. Decorate it with a customized plaque, add a collection of children’s and coffee-table books, some fun board games and a basket of children’s toys, and you’ve created a welcoming and unique experience that the family will remember and appreciate – and tell others about.


This is a fun way to present yourself instead of the traditional name plate on your office door. This funeral home decor plaque is made in the USA and has hand-distressed accents, a 3-dimensional relief centerpiece, and optional hanging nameboard (you can also add more than one) customized with your name and title. Available here.


Your clients are stressed. Blow them away with extravagant service (after you’ve followed these funeral home best practices tips) by offering an over-the-top and luxurious perks like a free massage chair. This will be the highlight of your funeral home decor. Plus, as a bonus, your staff will love it as well.

The Kahuna Massage Chair & Recliner pictured above is the top-of-the-line model. Another solid option is available here.

Other affordable resources for massage chairs:


Funeral Home BBQ Patio for Weddings

This one is a great way to spruce up your funeral home’s outdoor grounds with a feature that will attract more customers and possibly double as an additional revenue stream. Create a BBQ patio on your grounds, with a nice grill, a gazebo for shade, a few wooden benches for everyday use, and folding tables and chairs for events.

You can advertise this as a reception area during summer months as part of your standard service package, or at an additional fee. Or you can include free use of the grounds but rental of tables & chairs extra. Determine what works best for your demographic; however you package it, a barbeque area will be a welcome feature for use in the ever-growing trend towards “celebration of life” events.

Additionally, you can rent out the area for use as an event center, or even for weddings. The options for ingenius marketing of a funeral home BBQ patio are only limited by your creativity.


Funeral Home Decor: LED Skylights

Of course, if you really want to up your game and breathe some life into your dreary mortuary, you can install more windows or actual skylights. That’s a huge rennovation, but virtual skylights are a more workable option.

These LED virtual skylights use Even-Glow LED technology to create lifelike sun beams as a quick and easy alternative to traditional window skylights. Use in place of a dropped ceiling panel, or attach to any wall or ceiling surface.


Funeral Home Decor: Accent with Local Photography

Hire a professional photographer to take some beautiful photos of your local scenery. Get premium-quality and spacious canvas prints and use these to improve your funeral home decor. Recognizable scenery will give your funeral home clients a sense of continuity in a time of disruption, and a sense of beauty in a time of darkness. Plus you’ll be supporting local artists. It’s an all-around win.


Your funeral home’s collection of cremation urns may not be the first thing you think about when considering your decor. But you should – most families actually use their cremation urns as home decor accents. So don’t be afraid to scatter* your urn showcase throughout your funeral home.

*No pun intended.

There are many ways to showcase your cremation urn collection by incorporating it into your funeral home decor. When you take people on a tour of the facility, or while you’re meeting in a comfortable office, or while they’re waiting in the lounge, they will see the urns in a way that helps them picture the urn in their home. This is a great way to upsell some of the most beautiful urns you offer.

The 3-dimensional wood art urns we offer, like the “Soulmates” urn pictured above, are a great way to do this. Wood is a medium that works well in a variety of decor settings. Each of these urns is offered in dark Walnut, medium and richly toned Mahogany, classic honey-yellow Oak, and sophisticated white Maple. The inlay art scenes are made from real hardwoods in their natural colors. Multiple dozens of designs are available, representing every hobby, interest, and locale. Hummingbirds, tulips, hunting, gardening, boat and stream fishing, cycling, farms and tractors, lighthouses, sailing, horse riding, golfing, religious scenes, motorcycles, wildlife, and much more. From such a wide variety you will surely find something gorgeous that will suit your region and decor needs.

Here are some resources to expand your memorial showcase:


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20 Accents to Breathe Life into a Dreary Mortuary

What are some of your favorite funeral home decor accents or ideas? Share in the comments below!

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