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January 2017 Funeral Links

In our January 2017 funeral links collection, you’ll find funeral trends for the new year, a DIY living centerpiece that turns into memorial service favors, cremation urns and ash scattering regulations, final text messages, the Strange Art of the Posthumous Portrait, our most popular products and posts of 2016, and more.

January 2017 Funeral Links

2017 Funeral Trends

As the new year kicks off, here are the 2017 Funeral Trends you should consider incorporating into your family’s memorial service or your funeral home’s business model.

2016 Trends That Shaped Funeral Service

Just like it says, here are events and trends from 2016 that have shaped the funeral industry and services.

How to Get Amazing Online Reviews for Your Funeral Home

Our complete, detailed guide to getting amazing online reviews of your funeral home from clients and families.

48 Epic Dream Hotels to Visit Before You Die

Put a visit to one or all of these incredible hotels on your bucket list.

Featured Video: Sailing Ship Octagon Urn

10 Best Books of 2016 About Funerals, Death, & Grief

Here is our list of top 10 books for funeral industry professionals, those dealing with grief & loss, and those interested in all things dealing with death and funerals. Plus plenty of honorable mentions, including Christian resources, business and marketing books, and morbid, death-related curiosities.

Make A Living Centerpiece That Turns Into Funeral Favors

Check out this DIY tutorial for a “Living” funeral centerpiece that will turn into memorial favors to give to attendees.

Think of the Deceased – And Local Laws – When Scattering Ashes

Some tips on scattering ashes and how to comply with local laws. Bonus article: Saying Goodbye & Scattering the Ashes of a Loved One.

Is There A Regulation as to How Large or Small An Urn Can Be?

We get all sorts of questions about urn sizing. Here is one reader asking about regulations for the size of cremation urns. We, of course, provide an answer.

Darwin Awards 2016: Everything You Need to Know

Named after the father of evolution, Charles Darwin, the “Darwin Awards” recognize individuals who have contributed to human evolution by removing themselves from the human gene pool.

Final Text Messages From the Deceased

The Last Message Received is a Tumblr blog run by a teenager and contains submissions of the last messages people received from ex-friends or ex-significant others, as well as from deceased friends, and relatives.

Unique Memorials: Custom Bottle Openers

With a memorial like this wall-mounted bottle opener with magnetic cap catcher, you’ll raise a toast honor your loved one’s memory with every bottle opened. Check out this personalized memorial corkscrew opener as well.

21 History Buff Gift Ideas For Those Who Find You More Interesting If You’re Dead

These are some fun, creative, and actually useful gift ideas for those who love dead people. I mean history.

The Strange Art of the Posthumous Portrait

From the New Republic, an commentary on the exhibition that shows how painters and photographers once vied to bring the dead to life.

Most Popular Cremation Urns of 2016

The Together Again companion urn is our most popular cremation urn of 2016. Runners-up include the lovely (and new) Cardinal Cremation Urn and from our memorial tree urn collection the Flowering Cherry Tree.

Most Popular Memorial Gifts of 2016

The Pewter Heart Pocket Charms took top honors as our most popular memorial gift for 2016. Our loved cedar wood Bird on a Branch Memorial Bird Feeder was runner-up, followed closely by the rest of our bird feeder designs and the Angel and Shamrock pocket charms.

Most Popular Blog Post in 2016: What to Wear at a Funeral

Our 2015 guide on what to wear at a funeral was the most visited post on our blog this past year.

Most Popular Blog Post Written in 2016: 100 of the World’s Most Beautiful Wooden Cremation Urns

The most popular blog post we wrote in 2016 was this one, showcasing 100 incredibly beautiful wood cremation urns.

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