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September 2016 Funeral Links

Last Updated on November 26, 2019

Below you will find loads of useful and interesting funeral links. This is our monthly round-up of interesting articles, resources, products, inspiration and more for the funeral industry, circa September 2016.

Our Favorite (Actually!) Free Funeral Program Templates

Clicking through all the fake freebies is tough work. Here are 11 actuallyfree funeral and memorial service program templates.

Honoring Our Angels: Remembering Your Loved One Through Acts of Service

A beautiful idea: “The best way that I know to honor Devon is to serve someone else, to be the hands of God in someone else’s life. I know that many people have been just that for me through the pain of loss.”

How to Write a Eulogy

Simple, practical steps to help you write a eulogy, including tips on how to rehearse and then actually give the eulogy. Also includes quotes, poems, outlines, and more.

Featured Video: The Cambridge Urn

Classic woodcraft in a simple, beautiful, timeless design. Available here in white maple, and here in dark walnut.

Is This the Right Cremation Urn for My Parents?

From the reader mailbag, we address concerns from an individual about how to knew whether they’re selecting the right memorial for their parents.

Facing One of Life’s Burning Issues: Cremation or Burial

The Irish Examiner weighs in on the choices available for your final arrangements and disposition.

19 of the Most Bizarre Funeral Pics You’ll Ever See

Just like it says: Some weird photos from the funeral industry.

The Walleye Memorial Urn

Perfect for the fisherman, this blog post showcases a lovely wooden urn from all angles.

A Physical Place to Mourn a Virtual Friendship

Modern Loss addresses a contemporary issue: How do you mourn the loss of a friend you only knew online?

Water-Soluble Cremation Urns

Water burial is a popular alternative to scattering, and uses a water-soluble and biodegradable cremation urn. Here’s some info.

The Eternity Heart Cremation Necklace

We love the Eternity Heart memorial necklace because it is gorgeous, affordable, and extremely easy to fill. Check out the options available, as well as detailed instructions on how to use and fill it. Each necklace includes a complete and easy-to-use filling kit.

A Little Gem from Job

One of the most beautiful but subtle gems in Scripture is found in the book of Job, which tells of the suffering and loss of a man of faith.

Mother of Pearl Brass Cremation Urn

This elegant urn, with its matching keepsake and working “tealight” urns, has proved to be incredibly popular over the past few months.

Should a Child Attend the Funeral?

The authors at What’s Your Grief? address the question of whether or not to bring your child to the funeral.

Finally! A Grief Definition That Makes Sense

An exploration of the meaning and experience of grief, by way of providing a sensible definition.

Benefits of Cremation Over Burial

With cremation rapidly growing as an option for final disposition, many people are considering cremation and asking: What are the benefits of cremation over burial?

Featured Cremation Urn Collection: Hand Turned Wood Urns

Browse our Featured Collection of hand-turned wood cremation urns, including the most popular piece known as the Tranquility.

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