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Cremation Urn Wood Types – Radiata Wood

Radiata pine is classed as a medium-density softwood. Radiata pine clearwood (wood that is free of defects such as knots, holes or other blemishes) is one of the world’s best clearwoods and one of the world’s most widely planted plantation species because it has the ability to grow to a large diameter faster than almost any other tree species.

When planed to a smooth finish, the wood is creamy-coloured, with stripes created by the contrast between wood grown early in the annual growth season (softer and paler) and that grown later (harder and darker). The wood darkens over time with exposure to light.

Many of our Bolivian urns are made from Radiata pine wood; here is one with and a second without a stain:


These and many more gorgeous radiata pine wood cremation urns available at Urns Northwest.

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Cremation Urn Wood Types – Purpleheart Wood

Used for decorative touches on a few of our cremation urns, Purpleheart wood is hard, heavy and finely textured, with a grain that is usually straight, often with a fine, curly figure. Takes a glossy, lustrous finish. We also have a few military-themed urns made from Purpleheart wood. See our complete collection here.

Here we use Purpleheart wood to give an attractive top to some of our pet urns:

Purpleheart wood is also used in several of our wood urns as a design element using the natural colors of exotic woods to produce an image:
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Cremation Urn Wood Types – Oak

Oak is a hard wood, heavy, tought, and strong, with open grain. One of the most durable woods, it is a standard in furniture making and thus a standard wood type in the cremation urn industry. An oak tree’s durability comes from its long, slow growth process, which results in hardwood of extraordinary density and strength. When stained, as most of our oak urns are, a striking grain pattern is revealed making it an ideal wood for a memorial.

Browse all of our Oak wood urns here.

All of our Dimensional Series of wood cremation urns are available in Oak wood, as well as Walnut and Maple.
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Cremation Urn Wood Types – Morado

Also known as Bolivian Rosewood, Morado hardwood is a very heavy and dense wood. With its chocolate tones swaying between brown and a dark-brown-violet, Morado is a South American staple in fine furniture products and decorative veneers. While the grain varies between straight and irregular, it is always lustrous with the occasional walnut fragrance. A gorgeous exotic hardwood.

Morado Urn for AshesDevotion Wood Cremation Urn

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Funeral Director Gift | Gift for Undertaker

Here’s a gift that is perfect for the funeral director or undertaker:

Undertaker Gift Sign

This old-fashioned hanging wall wood plaque includes a customized nameboard and a 3-dimensional hand cast and hand painted relief of an antique hearse. Gorgeous custom office or home wall decor for a personalized gift.

Sign reads:

Offering understanding and integrity
Pre-arrangement services available
Professional guidance through difficult times.

Available here from Northwest Gifts.

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Cremation Urn Wood Types – Maple

Maple has been a standard wood used for making furniture in America for generations, even since the colonial days. Most of our maple urns are made with white maple, which is generally straight-grained with the occasional (and highly decorative) burl or “birds-eye” grain texture. Maple is a heavy wood, noted for its strength, durability, and resistance to abrasion. A stunning wood choice for our series of Dimensional Art Cremation Urns.

Browse all of our Maple wood urns here.

The white maple also provides the perfect contrast for engraving a photograph onto the wood, most notably seen in our best-selling Photo Engraved Cremation Urn.

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Cremation Urn Wood Types – Mahogany

Most of our mahogany urns are made with the Khaya, or African, variety of mahogany wood. A medium-weight hardwood that has become a classic of fine furniture makers, mahogany has deep reddish-brown tones with interlocking and variable grain. Our collection of Mahogany cremation urns cannot be beaten for simple and beautiful designs with quality wood at an affordable price. Browse all of our Mahogany wood urns here.


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Cremation Urn Wood Types – Cherry

The rich reddish-brown tones of cherry wood, which darken with time and exposure to light, have made cherry a popular and beautiful wood choice for finely crafted furniture products for centuries. The enduring popularity of cherry wood comes from the vibrant red coloring and simple, straight, and elegant lines of the wood grain. A moderate hardwood with great strength while still remaining very lightweight, the lush beauty of cherry wood makes our Designer Cherry Urn a perennial favorite.
Designer Cherry Urn Designer Cherry Urn

Browse all of our cherry wood urns here.

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Cultured Marble Urns

Sale on Cultured Marble Urns

Our newest cremation urns in our ever-expanding selection are these gorgeous funeral urns made from deeply-hued cultured marble. And of course we’ve put them on sale (for a limited time) at 20% off.

Black Marble Urn for Ashes

The lines of the urns are simple and elegant, showcasing the natural cloudy hues of the cultured marble. In your choice of Black, Charcoal Gray, Navy Blue, Timberline Green, a deep Merlot, Orchid, Sand-Tone, and White, t hese urns are the finest quality cultured marble urn in the market today. A noble and lasting memorial to your loved one.

Bottom opening accessed by threaded stopper, as shown here:Cultured Marble Cremation Urn | Bottom Opening Detail