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Here’s the complete list of everything you can do with your body after you die

Contemplating what can be done after death

If you’re not already thinking about dying, you should totally consider it.

Well, maybe not the dying part, since that’s inevitable; more specifically, you should think about how you are going to arrange your affairs for when the inevitable comes.

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5 Uniquely Poetic Ways to Scatter a Loved One’s Ashes

Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.

― Shannon L. Alder

Scattering the ashes of your loved one is deeply symbolic act. Not only are you letting go of your loved one and of your grief, but you are in some sense returning them to the earth and releasing their souls. Continue reading 5 Uniquely Poetic Ways to Scatter a Loved One’s Ashes

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Mailbag: Can Ashes Be Put In a Tree?

Can ashes be put in a tree?

Our Birdhouse Scattering Urns present a creative way to scatter ashes and honor your loved one’s memory. They are designed to hold the remains and be used as a scattering urn, then, after the scattering, the urn transforms into a birdhouse so that you can hang it in a tree as a sort of ‘living memorial‘ tribute that will provide a home for birds.

Recently, a reader wrote in to ask if these urns will work for hanging the ashes of a loved on in a tree. Continue reading Mailbag: Can Ashes Be Put In a Tree?

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What do I do with cremated ashes?

Cremation FAQ

The question, “What do I do with cremated ashes?” is the subject of one of our most popular and somewhat bizarre posts: 27 Things to Do with Cremated Remains. That list includes all manner of unique ways people have scattered or stored cremated ashes, from shooting them off in fireworks to turning them into a portrait oil painting.

But most people who ask this question want to know realistic and practical options for what to do with the ashes after a loved one is cremated. Here is a brief guide which informs you of your options and may give you a hand in making the decision. Continue reading What do I do with cremated ashes?

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What Are Cremains?

Definition of Cremains

Cremains are the bone fragments from a cremated body which remain after the cremation process. “Cremains” is a portmanteau or blending which combines the words “cremated remains.” While commonly referred to as “ashes,” technically cremains are not ashes but rather mostly dry calcium phosphates with some various minor minerals such as salts of sodium and potassium, or more simply, bone matter. Since the cremation process takes place utilizing extreme temperatures upwards of 1600 °F, any true ash is completely incinerated. Continue reading What Are Cremains?

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Estimating Cubic Inches for Cremated Remains

Cubic inches for cremation urns

The simplest and safest way to estimate how many cubic inches of space you will need is to take the weight of the individual and convert it directly into cubic inches. So a 150 lbs individual will generally require about 150 cubic inches of space inside the cremation urn. The industry standard size for a single adult urn is around 200 cubic inches, which will generally hold any individual who weighed 200 lbs or under. Continue reading Estimating Cubic Inches for Cremated Remains

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27 Things to Do With Cremated Remains

Unique and Interesting Ways to Store or Disperse Cremated Remains

Over the years we’ve come across a number of these lists on the web: unique and interesting ways to store or disperse cremated remains. How one person decides to have their remains handled may seem strange to another, but in the end, it is a personal thing. Here is a list of some of our favorite things to do with cremated remains.

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What is a Sharing Keepsake Urn?

Sharing Keepsake Urns

A keepsake urn is a small urn which holds a tiny amount of cremated remains, usually between 1-50 cubic inches depending on the design of the keepsake. This is just a small portion of the cremated remains, as the average amount of ashes from an adult cremation is just under 200 cubic inches.

A small keepsake urn next to a standard adult urn
The larger urn in the back will hold 200 cubic inches of remains, while the “sharing keepsake urn” in the foreground holds just 1 cubic inch of ashes in a tiny hidden compartment.

Sharing keepsake urns are used for a variety of purposes, usually to keep a small portion of remains as a memento when your loved one’s ashes are buried or kept in a funeral niche. Many of our keepsakes are smaller versions of a standard sized urn for this very reason, allowing you to have a nearly identical memorial close to you while the urn is stored in a columbarium or buried in a cemetery.
These small urns are also sometimes known as “sharing keepsakes” because several relatives may wish to each keep a small portion of remains, or because an individual’s remains may be entirely divided up between several loved ones. If dividing the ashes, you’ll probably want to look for an urn that holds between 20 and 50 cubic inches, depending on how many family members are sharing. If you would just like a small portion as a memento, there are many options such as the keepsake urns mentioned below, cremation jewelry, mini scattering tubes and pods, and even custom made jewelry with the remains mixed into the glass beads.

Below is a video demonstration of a small sharing keepsake urn, showing how the keepsake urn is opened and filled. These small sharing keepsake urns hold just 1 cubic inch of remains in the back compartment, and feature gorgeous wood art scenes that match our standard sized line of 3 dimensional wood art urns.

We offer a variety of sharing keepsake urns, and many of our standard sized adult memorials can be made in keepsake size upon request. Here are a few of our favorites:

Small acorn wood urns

Hand turned mini wood acorn urns, which match these gorgeous hand turned urns.

Tealight Brass Cremation Urn in Pearl White

This small brass cremation urn doubles as a tealight, and matches the Pearl Simplicity Brass Cremation Urn.

Bicycle Road Home Wood Cremation Urn

The classic Road Home memorial design now can be made with this Bicycle scene, available in full standard adult and small sharing keepsake urn sizes, available here.

Wood Keepsake Urn with Photo Album

The case for the rosewood photo album is actually a small sharing keepsake urn. This gorgeous wooden memorial will match any of our Piano Wood Finish Cremation Urns from Burlini Studios.

Shop all sharing keepsake urns here.