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10 Biblical Funeral Prayers for a Christian Funeral Service

Biblical funeral prayers are one important way for Christians to honor God, show their trust and faith in him, and proclaim his goodness and sovereignty over all of life’s affairs. In life and in death our hope is in God and in the saving work of Jesus his Son. Continue reading 10 Biblical Funeral Prayers for a Christian Funeral Service

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Comforting Scripture Verses

Bible Verses

Christians turn to the Word of God, the Bible, for hope and comfort during times of trial, loss, or grief. Here is a collection of beautiful images and comforting Scripture verses laid out in attractive typography, for you to share with friends, use as a desktop background, pin, or simply read through for inspiration, hope, and comfort from the Word of God. Continue reading Comforting Scripture Verses

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Christian Views on Cremation

What do Christians believe about Cremation?

What do Christians believe about cremation?

Christian views on cremation have always emphasized a high view of the human body. This is due to several factors, including the Creation story in Genesis 1-2 and the belief that mankind is created in God’s image, along with Continue reading Christian Views on Cremation