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The 5 Best Funeral Blogs (That Post Regularly)

Funeral Industry Bloggers

I do a lot of writing about funeral topics, so I keep up on funeral blogs, industry news, trends, and the questions people are asking about end of life issues. Below are five of my favorite funeral blogs that actually post regularly.

If you were to follow some of these funeral blogs, you’ll learn things that are truly fascinating. And not just about funeral industry news, although they certainly do cover a lot of that. Rather, if you follow each of the funeral blogs listed below, you’ll educate yourself about the deathcare industry with an inside scoop. You’ll learn how to effectively plan a funeral for yourself or a loved one. You’ll see a little bit of the day-to-day life of industry professionals.

Plus, you’ll also have great fodder for cocktail parties and workplace water cooler conversations. (Or pub crawls and your Twitter feed. Whatever.)

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