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What do I need to buy from the funeral home?

What do I need to purchase from the funeral home?

Most people do not realize that you can shop around for just about every product and service related to a funeral. Even after you decide on a funeral home, you do not have to purchase every product or service through them. When you know your rights and options, you can save quite a bit on expenses and also better tailor the funeral to your family’s preferences and situation. Continue reading What do I need to buy from the funeral home?

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How Does Cremation Work?

How does cremation work?

If you are in the process weighing cremation versus burial, you may be wondering, “How does cremation work?” Choosing how to lay to rest the remains of a loved one is a very personal decision and our hope is that discussing the cremation process will help you explore and narrow down your options. Continue reading How Does Cremation Work?