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Celtic Cross Cremation Urns & Memorials

Celtic Cross

These Celtic Cross Cremation Urns feature the ancient Christian emblem found in the Irish heritage. The classic depiction of this timeless symbol is a cross with a halo (or nimbus) surrounding the intersection. Typically the cross features a rich tapestry of woven Celtic designs depicting or evoking the equally ancient Celtic knot. Continue reading Celtic Cross Cremation Urns & Memorials

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Celtic Urns for Ashes

Ceramic urns are a beautiful and traditional way to inter your loved one. The timeless lustre of these hand-crafted pottery urns remain a standard choice for a lasting memorial.
If your loved one was of Irish descent, loved to visit the lush green hills of Ireland, frequented an Irish pub, or simply delighted in ancient and unique Celtic designs, here are two ceramic urns to consider.
Each piece is handmade with an exotic wood lid hand-turned to fit perfectly. Each cremation urn also has a hand-carved ceramic rock knob that is glazed to match. Each urn is a one-of-a-kind and signed by the artist on the bottom of each piece. The traditional pottery shape with the stylized Celtic design results in a timeless and unique memorial to your loved one.