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Spotlight: The Elegant Celadon Blue Ceramic Urn

Ceramic Cremation Urns

Using premium potter’s clay, a ceramic artist hand throws, glazes, fires, and finishes each elegant Celadon Blue Ceramic Urn with precision and graceful beauty. If you’re looking for an unique work of ceramic art, a piece that is hand made from start to finish in the USA, and one that comes in at an extremely affordable price, this is it. Continue reading Spotlight: The Elegant Celadon Blue Ceramic Urn

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Dragonfly Urn

Dragonfly Urn | Raku Ceramic Urns

Raku Fired Cremation UrnThe newest addition to our line of Ceramic Cremation Urns is the beautiful Raku-fired Dragonfly Urn.

Rakue firing is an ancient pottery firing process, invented in Japan, in which each piece of red-hot pottery is taken from the kiln and placed in a bed of straw or leaves in an air-tight container. The dry plant material  immediately bursts into flame and the “reduction chamber” is sealed. The flame and the smoking, oxygen starved atmosphere transform the glaze Continue reading Dragonfly Urn

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A Simple and Affordable Photo Memorial

We offer a beautiful ceramic Photo Memorial Tile that will be sure to warm the hearts of your entire family.  Made by hand in the USA, and measuring 4″ x 4″ or 6″ x 6″, we will permanently affix a photograph of your loved one along with an inscription of up to four lines through our ceramic firing process, which results in a gorgeous old-fashioned sepia effect, perfect for honoring and remembering your loved one.

Customized Photo Memorial TileAt $39.95 ($49.95 for 6″x6″), this memorial tile is a wonderful and affordable tribute. Plus, if you purchase two or more, the price is only $24.95 each ($34.95 for 6″x6″). This way you can get one for each family member or close friend without exceeding your budget. Orders over $100 receive free ground shipping.