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101 Classic Books to Help Children Grieve

Classic Children's Books to Help Young Ones Grieve

If your family or a family you know with young ones has recently experienced a loss, you will want to have resources to help children grive. Reading is one of the best activities to help a child address grief. Stories are especially powerful in highlighting truths about what we humans feel and experience when dealing with a loss. The books listed below are generally regarded as classics.

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Should A Child Attend A Funeral?

Grief Blog: What's Your Grief

The article “Should A Child Attend A Funeral?” is a guest post by┬áLitsa Williams (M.A., L.G.S.W.) and Eleanor Haley (M.S.) of the poignant, winsome, and well-written grief & loss blog What’s Your Grief. In addition to the many helpful insights you’ll find on their blog, you would be well-served by following their thoughtful posts on Facebook or Google+.

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Talking to Children About Death

Death conversations

Handling grief when a loved one passes can be difficult enough for us grown-ups, and talking to children about death can be more difficult still. Yet children too must grieve, and helping a child through the loss of a loved one, be it a sibling, parent, grandparent or friend doesn’t have to be intimidating. Continue reading Talking to Children About Death