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How to set time on a clock cremation urn

Clock Urn with Hummingbird Inlay

Our wooden clock cremation urns are beautiful heirloom memorials. The combination of elegant clock and useful cremation urn provides dual functionality and looks lovely in your home. Simultaneously honor the life of your loved one with a premium heirloom, add a magnificent rustic timepiece to your home decor, and unobtrusively house their remains. Continue reading How to set time on a clock cremation urn

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Unique Urns for Interesting Individuals | The Regular (#3)

If your loved one was always 15 minutes early, with clock set ahead 3 minutes, liked the daily routine of coffee, paper, breakfast, lunchbox and out the door at 7:39, and always knew if it was a leap year, a beautiful and fitting way to honor their life is through a gorgeous, stately and attractive Clock Urn from Urns Northwest.

Autumn Leaves Clock Urn
Ambassador Clock Urn - Walnut with Rustic Scene
Astoria Clock Urn - Oak with Hummingbird
Castlewood Clock Cremation Urn - Rosewood
These and many more clock cremation urns are available at These usually take about 3 business days to produce, so please contact us if you need rush shipping. Regular ground shipping is free on these gorgeous cremation urn clocks. Use the following coupon code for $15.00 off the purchase of any clock urn through 12/15/2010: