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Cremation Urns for Couples to Be “Together Forever”

Urns for Couples - A guide to choosing the urns for two people

Cremation urns for couples are designed to hold the ashes of two people. Also known as “companion urns,” these containers hold an industry-standard capacity of about 400 cubic inches.

Alternatively, you can get two standard adult size urns that match or complement each other to create an urn set.

Let’s learn what you need to know about cremation urns for couples.

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The 11 Types of Companion Cremation Urns You Need to Know About

Different Types of Companion Cremation Urns

To make the most informed decision about companion cremation urns, you need to know what options are available to you. Make sure that you read our Complete Guide to Companion Urns, which provides everything you need to know about the function and use of companion urns.

Once you have an understanding of what a companion urn is – a.k.a. double urn, urn for two people, couple’s urn, etc. – you will want to choose the type of companion urn that you find the most beautiful and suitable.

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Wood Urns That Fit into a Columbarium Niche

If you’ve purchased a niche at a columbarium, you will need to find a cremation urn that can go inside. That can be surprisingly hard to do.

But thankfully, we offer a selection of beautiful wood funeral urns designed to fit into a columbarium niche.

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Soulmates Cremation Urn: A Memorial of Your Life & Love Together

Soulmates Cremation Urn

Our new “Soulmates” cremation urn presents a timeless memorial for a devoted couple. It’s the perfect picture of your life and love together.

Using elegantly constructed and engraved inlay hardwoods, this memorial art urn features a serene mountain lake with a couple sitting together on a personalized bench.

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Mailbag: An urn that can hold two persons, but not at the same time

Companion Urns for Two

From the reader mailbag, a question about an urn that can hold two persons, but not at the same time. First, here is the note we received: Continue reading Mailbag: An urn that can hold two persons, but not at the same time

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Can a Companion Urn Be Used for a Large Person?

From the Complete Guide to Companion Urns

Companion Urns Series Intro: Deciding on a disposition method for the remains of two individuals can be a difficult and confusing process. In this series, drawn from our article “Companion Urns: The Complete Guide“, you will find helpful tips, simple explanations for relevant funeral industry terms, a wide array of options for storing and disposing of a couple’s cremated remains, and answers to common questions about companion cremation urns.
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The Perfect Companion Urn

Wood Companion Urn in Walnut

Wood Companion Urn in Walnut

A couple, tired and grey yet still in love, holding hands as they take one last walk together down a familiar county lane, besides the oak tree where they carved their initials, alongside the old fence they used to sit on, towards the setting sun…

Wood Double Urns for Two
Oak Wood

This wood cremation urn is a lovely piece of wood-crafted art. Our Together Again Companion Urn is made in the USA from your choice of walnut (pictured above) or oak (inset), and boasts an incredibly intricate woodcut and laser engraved scene, composed using different layered pieces of domestic and exotic hardwoods in their natural colors to give the 3-dimensional effect.

We can also personalize this companion urn with an inscription, laser engraved directly onto the surface of the wood, on the top or back of the urn. These double urns are made to order within 5-10 business days, and we are happy to offer free ground shipping directly to your home, a relative’s home, or the funeral home.





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Large Capacity Urns

Looking for large-sized cremation urns? At Urns Northwest, we have a variety of above-average capacity urns to suit your need.

The industry standard size for an adult cremation urn is 200 cubic inches. This number is reached by figuring that, for every 1 lbs of human body weight, 1 cubic inch of space is needed for cremated remains. Thus, a 180 lbs adult will require an urn with the capacity to hold 180 cubic inches of cremains.

The formula is not perfect; usually, 180 lbs will translate to slightly less than 180 cubic inches, but it is a good rule of thumb to calculate. In the cremation process, body fat is completely incinerated while most of what remains is bone matter, so a larger individual will often require an urn of less than equal capacity to their actual weight.

When searching for a funeral urn, it is still best to follow the rule of 1 lbs equals 1 cubic inch, so here we have provided a selection of cremation urns that may suit your needs.

Available in 220 cubic inch size

Available in 220 & 375 cubic inch sizes

Available in 220 & 375 cubic inch sizes

Available in 230 & 400 cubic inch sizes
(over 40 scenes to choose from; click here to view entire selection)
286 cubic inches
250 cubic inches, available in a variety of colors: Black, Blue, Charcoal, Merlot, Orchid,  Sand Tone, and Timberline Green
420 cubic inches
View our entire selection of Companion Urns; these have a capacity between 375-420 cubic inches



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Buying A Companion Urn

With cremation on the rise as an inexpensive alternative to traditional burial, couples making end-of-life arrangements in the current economy can explore companion urns as a simple and budget-friendly option in lieu of purchasing two separate urns.

Companion urns simplify the storage and display of the couple’s cremains by holding both in a single cremation container. This double urn box, while larger than a standard urn, is significantly smaller than two urns side-by-side. This makes for a simpler burial process, a smaller niche in a mausoleum, or easier storage, transportation, and display of the urn. Smaller space, in many cases, translates to lower costs.

Companion urns, also known as double urns or urns for two, are generally cheaper than two of their standard-sized counterparts. Companion urns are made using a variety of materials, including metal, marble, plastic, wood, and biodegradable materials. Within a given medium, style and designs will vary significantly.

Memory Companion Urn Shop Companion Urns

For instance, at Urns Northwest, we offer a wide selection of wood companion urns, such as a wood urn with a photo frame on the front, a book- or Bible-shaped urn with doves on the “cover”, or a rectangular urn box with three-dimensional inlay art scenes. But the options don’t end there.

The various scenes for the Companion Urn with 3 Dimensional Scene are crafted using various exotic and domestic hardwoods in their natural colors, cut and laser engraved then inlaid like a 3-D jigsaw puzzle to produce an intricately detailed image with a real sense of depth.

The available scenes for this double wood urn are extensive, including:

Idyllic outdoor scenes: a lighthouse against a rocky seacoast, a cowboy riding his trusty horse through the desert towards the setting sun, a farmer riding his tractor home to the farm one last time.

Animal scenes: an elk in the woods, dolphins leaping through the crest of a wave, a hummingbird or butterfly fluttering near lush flowers, a wolf howling at the lonely moon, ducks descending upon a rippling pond.

Bucolic pastime scenes: a rustic cabin nestled against a lake, a golfer finishing his final round, a sailboat rounding the final bend toward shore, a fisherman reeling in the big one.

Many wooden companion urns can be designed with or without an interior divider. This option allows the couple to choose to have their remains co-mingled inside the urn as a symbol of their unity in life and in death, or, alternately, to keep their ashes separated to represent their individuality while still being united forever in a beautiful companion urn as a token of the depth of their love.

The simplicity, economy, and nearly endless stylistic options make companion urns an affordable choice for the budget shopper, and the symbolism of two united as one makes companion urns the romantic choice.