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Together Again: Wood Art Companion Urn for Two

Together Again Wood Companion Urn

It’s the quintessential image of two lovers at the end of their journey together. A country lane winds off in the distance, passing out of view over the horizon as the sun lays down to rest. The dirt road is bordered by an ancient wood post fence, and the fields and hills beyond are dappled with oak trees which sway in the gentle breeze. Continue reading Together Again: Wood Art Companion Urn for Two

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Companion Urns with Picturesque Wood Art Scenes

Wood Urn Double Urn
Companion Urns for Two
A companion urn is a timeless way to memorialize the enduring love of an inseperable couple. Also known as a double urn or an urn for two, companion urns make a lasting and beautiful memorial. 

The wooden urn box is built to hold the cremains of two individuals in oak, walnut, or maple wood, and can be designed with or without an interior divider. This option allows the couple to choose to have their remains co-mingled inside the urn as a symbol of their unity in life and in death, or, alternately, to keep their ashes separated to represent their individuality while still being united forever in a beautiful companion urn as a token of the depth of their love.

The various scenes for the Companion Urn with 3 Dimensional Scene are crafted using various exotic and domestic hardwoods in their natural colors, cut and laser engraved then inlaid like a 3-D jigsaw puzzle to produce an intricately detailed image with a delightful sense of depth.

The many enchanting scenes available for this double wood urn include:

Idyllic outdoor scenes – A lighthouse against a rocky seacoast, a cowboy riding his trusty horse through the desert towards the setting sun, a farmer riding his tractor home to the farm one last time.

Enchanting animal scenes – An elk in the woods, dolphins leaping through the crest of a wave, a hummingbird or butterfly fluttering near lush flowers.

Bucolic pastime scenes – A rustic cabin nestled against a lake, a golfer finishing his final round, a sailboat rounding the final bend toward shore.

These fine companion urns and many more are available at Urns Northwest. As with most of our wood cremation urns, these double urns can be personalized with laser engraved inscription.