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How to Find Comfort in a Time of Loss

Finding comfort in the midst of grief

I awoke from a vivid dream around four in the morning. Though my eyes were swollen from all the tears I cried earlier, I began quietly sobbing again, in the stillness of the night. Nobody else was awake in my house. It was just me and my tears, replaying memories in my head like a music player replays my favorite song.

My dream was about my dad, who was very ill. At the time, he appeared to be near death. The day before I visited him at a hospice care center with my husband and two young daughters. We brought him yellow flowers, something cheery to brighten up his cold, stark room. Then, we said our good-byes.

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Movies About Death, Dying, & Grief

Grief & Death Movies

Movies about death, dying, and grief can be a helpful recourse for dealing with your own loss, or learning about the grief experienced by others. They can provide a way to become more informed about the human experience, to raise questions about the purpose of life, to contemplate the afterlife, or to become more empathetic.

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What People Are Dying to Know About the Death Cafe

Death Cafe: What is it?

This is a guest post about the Death Cafe by Dorothy Banocy, who has participated in and hosted several Death Cafes.

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a night out with a bunch of your friends, maybe even some people you don’t know, have tea and cake and talk about death?


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