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50 Timeless Epitaph Quotes for Cremation Urns

Cremation Urn Inscription Quotes

Adding an inscription to your loved one’s cremation urn is a beautiful way to add a personalized touch to honor their memory. Here are fifty timeless epitaph quotes for cremation urns, to give you a good starting point for deciding how you would like to customize the memorial. Continue reading 50 Timeless Epitaph Quotes for Cremation Urns

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5 Famous Epitaphs

Epitaph ideas from famous epitaphs

People always wonder what is “standard” or commonly written by others on urn inscriptions and funeral stone engravings. But what are some unique inscriptions or epitaphs? And what can we learn from the famous epitaphs of well-known individuals – how their unique lives were expressed in a final, lasting quote, saying, or sentence? Continue reading 5 Famous Epitaphs