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These Floral Cremation Urns Are Earthy & Beautiful, Just Like Her

Beautiful & Earthy Floral Cremation Urns with Flower Art

We’ve recently updated some of our most popular and beautiful floral cremation urns, and the results are stunning.

Made in the USA, in a small Oregon wood shop, using premium maple wood for the box with laser etched and stained inlays for the flowers, these wooden floral cremation urns are the purest synthesis of natural earthiness and graceful beauty. Just like her. Let’s take a look.

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Hibiscus Flower Memorial Urn

Memorial Urns - Hibiscus Flower

With an attractive craftsman-esque shape, solid wood materials, laser engraved detail, and gorgeous hibiscus flower inlay, this is the ideal cremation urn for the gardener or flower loved. Made in the USA, the Hibiscus Flower Memorial Urn is a tribute to earthy elegance and is available in your choice of white maple as pictured, vibrant oak, or rich dark walnut wood. Continue reading Hibiscus Flower Memorial Urn

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Flower Cremation Urns for the Gardener or Flower Lover

Cremation Urns with Flowers for the Gardener

“Anthophilia” is the love of flowers. Below, we have selected the very best flower cremation urns for your consideration as a memorial to your beloved anthophile. If your wife, mother, grandmother, or other loved one was devoted to flowers, you’ll find the perfect floral tribute among our collection of flower cremation urns. These are ideal for anyone who loved gardening, flowers in general, or a particular variety such as roses, lillies, carnations, and many other types. Continue reading Flower Cremation Urns for the Gardener or Flower Lover

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Mahogany Cremation Urns | Engraved Cremation Urns

Laser Engraved Mahogany Cremation Urns.

mahogany dolphin cremation urn  rose burial cremation urn  Desert Mahogany Cremation Urn

These solid mahogany cremation urns are richly engraved with beautiful scenes. Urns made in the USA from real mahogany and engraved with laser to give depth and character. Honor an ocean lover with the Dolphin Mahogany Cremation Urn, a lovingly-remember mother with the Rose Mahogany Cremation Urn, or the ten-gallon-hat-wearing rancher with the Desert Mahogany Cremation Urn.