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Prepaid Funeral Plans (An Insider’s Guide)

What is a Prepaid Funeral Plan?

Let’s talk about prepaid funeral plans.

I have been in the funeral industry for thirteen years and I’ve been selling pre-arrangement policies for much of that time.

Often families think that their loved one has taken care of everything, when in fact, nothing has been.

Perhaps their loved one just happened to see me on the street and waved. Later, they tell their spouse, “I saw Karen, the funeral director from ABC Funeral Home today!” Without a more detailed discussion, the spouse may get the impression that a meeting took place and the funeral arrangements were made when in fact there is no arrangement at all.

Because people can be hesitant to have the full, difficult conversations about death and funeral plans, this sort of misunderstanding happens more often then you might think. When the loved one dies, the family comes to the funeral home and discovers they have a lot of work to do.

This is the kind of surprise you do not want. It might be a hard conversation to have, but it truly is a must.

Is a prepaid funeral plan right for you? Let me guide you through the ins and outs and help you decide the answer.

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How Long After Death is a Funeral Held?

How long after death is a funeral?

Today we are going to help you with the question, How long after death is a funeral held?

You have just received a call from a family member informing you that a loved one has passed away. They are in contact with the funeral director and he or she is already making arrangements to have your loved one transported to the funeral home. They have promised to take care of things from here.

Everything seems to be happening so quickly, in the blink of an eye. But now what? The family starts calling with their condolences and asking when they should come for the service. You don’t even know when that will be! Three days, two weeks?

You probably have many questions. How long after death is a funeral held? How about cremation? What is the best day of the week for the funeral, or time of day? Can I plan a funeral on a Sunday?

Let’s take a look at these questions.

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Funeral Planning Guide: How To Plan A Funeral

Funeral Planning 101 - Holw to plan a funeral, memorial service, burial, and cremation

Funeral planning isn’t something you do every day.

You probably feel totally overwhelmed. Your emotions are all over the place, people are calling and texting, and there’s a thousand little decisions to make.

Often what ends up happening is that you simply take the advice of the funeral home. It’s just easier.

But… what if there were easy ways to make the service more meaningful and personal? What if there were options that could save the estate thousands of dollars?

Whether you’re reacting to an immediate need, helping a friend, or planning ahead for the future, all it takes is a few steps now and you will save yourself and your loved ones loads of time, money, and stress.

Let’s learn how.

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Avoid These 10 Common Funeral Scams

Avoid These 10 Funeral Home Scams

Want to avoid falling prey to the most common funeral scams? Read on.

First, however, we can’t make it clear enough that although the industry has its share of funeral scams and unsavory charlatans, most funeral professionals do what they do because they care about people and will treat you right.

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Review: Funeral Planning Basics, A Step-By-Step Guide by Enodare

Review: Funeral Planning Basics, 3rd Edition

Funeral Planning Basics, A Step-By-Step Guide to Funeral Planning is part of the Estate Planning Series by Enodare. These books are from a legal resource publisher with the aim “to provide access to quality legal information and products at an affordable price.”

The books in the series include titles such as Estate Planning Essentials, Make Your Own Living Will, and more. The series is in large paperback format with about ~200 pages and a consumer-friendly price.

Here’s our review of Funeral Planning Basics.

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10 Things the (Shady) Funeral Home Won’t Tell You

What you need to know when planning a funeral

There are so many tips out there for planning a funeral that you may feel overwhelmed by all options. Many of the guides and how-to manuals are put out there by funeral homes, and, while most funeral information is truly meant to be helpful, there may be a few things the funeral home or director may not tell you unless you inquire specifically.

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10 Interesting Funeral Infographics

Infographics for Funerals, Death, and Cremation

In a visual world, a unique illustrated display of facts and figures can go a long way towards explaining a difficult or in-depth topic. Here are ten interesting funeral infographics that we have found to be helpful. Below you’ll find many new fascinating facts, tips, and stats relating to topics such as how to plan a funeral, cremation trends, famous funerals, handy life insurance information, and the rising costs of dying. Continue reading 10 Interesting Funeral Infographics