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14 Fascinating Funeral Photos

Interesting images of funerals and cemeteries

Let’s take a look at some quirky and interesting funeral photos.

Every person who has ever lived has, or will soon have, the need for a funeral.

Since life is so full of wonder, interest, intrigue, mystery, humor, and much more, it should be no surprise that death would have its share of the strange and wonderful.

Here is our collection of fascinating funeral photos that capture a small hint of the paradoxical beauty, unsolvable mystery, odd irony, and morbid humor of funerals.

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100 Inspirational Celebration of Life Ideas for an Amazing Person

Memorial Service Ideas to Honor Your Loved One

Here are 100 creative celebration of life ideas to inspire you as you celebrate the life of an amazing person.

Even as you grieve, it is important to treasure and honor your loved one. These creative and meaningful memorial ideas are perfect for right now and on into the future.

We have suggestions for the funeral or celebration of life service that will be happening soon, unique memorials for the days and weeks following, and inspiring tributes to ensure that their memory is well-kept for years to come.

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8 Crazy Funeral Stories

Stories from Memorial Services

Death, like life, can get crazy. For all the preparation and planning, and despite the somber gravity of the situation, when you gather a large group of people together to consider the entire life of another of their species, things can go awry.

People fall down, get drunk, say weird things; accidents happen, puns suddenly become inappropriately hilarious, the ashes get spilled; wherever humans gather in numbers, wherever humans live and die, the potential for a legendary story increases.

Here are some of the best and craziest funeral stories (and funeral-related stories) we’ve collected.

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Funeral Costs and the Most Famous Funeral of Them All

Jesus Burial and Funeral Costs

Funeral Spending

People spend a lot of money on funerals and memorial services. National Funeral Directors Association statistics indicate that the average cost of a casketed funeral is about $7,000-8,000, while the more affordable cremation funeral service averages between $2,200-5,400. These are base prices from the funeral home, and don’t include the many additional costs like flowers, catering, and many other memorial add-ons. Continue reading Funeral Costs and the Most Famous Funeral of Them All

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Should A Child Attend A Funeral?

Grief Blog: What's Your Grief

The article “Should A Child Attend A Funeral?” is a guest post by Litsa Williams (M.A., L.G.S.W.) and Eleanor Haley (M.S.) of the poignant, winsome, and well-written grief & loss blog What’s Your Grief. In addition to the many helpful insights you’ll find on their blog, you would be well-served by following their thoughtful posts on Facebook or Google+.

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