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Horse Themed Cremation Urns for People Who Loved Horses

Cremation urns for people who loved horses

Horses are loved by many. The majestic power, the graceful movement, the equine beauty. Horse themed cremation urns are a popular choice as a memorial for people who loved horses, and there are plenty from which to choose.

At Urns Northwest, we offer some brilliant and premium horse themed cremation urns. Continue reading Horse Themed Cremation Urns for People Who Loved Horses

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10 Cowboy Cremation Urns


Cowboy Cremation Urns are the ideal memorial tribute for a cattle-ropin’, horse-ridin’, boot wearin’, all-American cowboy. Below we’ve collected ten different cremation urns with themes and designs which can be meaningful as a representation of the life and passions of your beloved cowboy. Continue reading 10 Cowboy Cremation Urns

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Horse & Rider Wood Art Cremation Urn

Wood Art Cremation Urn

It’s an iconic scene: A horse & rider, silhouetted by the setting sun, ride past an aged tree and off towards the horizon and a glorious sunset. The clean lines of the earth meeting the sky, the simple reds, oranges, yellows, and browns of approaching twilight, and the lone rider in a wide plain offset by the lone tree combine to create a picture of beauty, serenity, and completeness. Continue reading Horse & Rider Wood Art Cremation Urn