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How to set time on a clock cremation urn

Clock Urn with Hummingbird Inlay

Our wooden clock cremation urns are beautiful heirloom memorials. The combination of elegant clock and useful cremation urn provides dual functionality and looks lovely in your home. Simultaneously honor the life of your loved one with a premium heirloom, add a magnificent rustic timepiece to your home decor, and unobtrusively house their remains. Continue reading How to set time on a clock cremation urn

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How to Open an Urn

Sharing Keepsake Urns

In this article we are going to show you how to open an urn.

The one question we have been asked most over the years is “how do you open the urn?” Most of our cremation urn product pages will display¬†(albeit at the bottom) information to the effect that the urn opens with 4 screws from the bottom. That is how most wood cremation urns are opened.

However, since many people don’t read all the way down to the bottom of the page, they don’t always see the information and would thus call us up and ask.

Continue reading How to Open an Urn