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36 Hilarious Mortician Humor Memes

Hilarious Mortician Memes

Morticians have heard and seen it all. In such a deeply emotional and personal profession, you have to just sit back and laugh every now and then with a little mortician humor. Expanding on our collections of Hilarious Funeral Humor Memes and More Hilarious Funeral Humor Memes, we have curated below 36 of the most hilarious mortician humor memes on the internets. Dedicated to the hard work and professionalism of morticians and funeral directors everywhere, have a chuckle on us.

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8 Crazy Funeral Stories

Stories from Memorial Services

Death, like life, can get crazy. For all the preparation and planning, and despite the somber gravity of the situation, when you gather a large group of people together to consider the entire life of another of their species, things can go awry.

People fall down, get drunk, say weird things; accidents happen, puns suddenly become inappropriately hilarious, the ashes get spilled; wherever humans gather in numbers, wherever humans live and die, the potential for a legendary story increases.

Here are some of the best and craziest funeral stories (and funeral-related stories) we’ve collected.

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35 More Hilarious Funeral Humor Memes

Death can be funny.

It’s important to remember, especially for those of us in the funeral profession, that life in all its circumstances (including death) is bizarre. People are quirky, life is short, and just as there are times for deep pondering on the meaning of it all, there are also times for sitting back and laughing at it all.

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Comedian Dave Allen on Death & Irish Funeral Traditions

Comedian Dave Allen Funeral Sketch

Dave Allen (1936-2005) was an Irish comedian known for his relaxed and charming style of descriptive, obersvational humor. With a penchance for highlighting political and religious hypocrisy, he become a popular and controversial comedian during the 1980s and early 90s with a lasting influence on young comedians of that era. Continue reading Comedian Dave Allen on Death & Irish Funeral Traditions