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21 Beautifully Christ-Centered Funeral Hymns

Beautiful Christian Funeral Hymns

There are few things more powerful, encouraging, and comforting than singing a beloved and Christ-exalting hymn in the midst of a difficult time.

When a Christian dies, they have the solid hope of being together with the Lord, free from sin and pain and the troubles of the world. Yes, it is a grievously sad day, but it is not a sadness without hope. Those of us who remain, including the believer’s family and loved ones, can draw much comfort while expressing our hope and grief through a well-chosen hymn sung in faith. Continue reading 21 Beautifully Christ-Centered Funeral Hymns

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The Poetry of Calvin Coolidge’s Funeral

Calvin Coolidge Funeral

Poetry played a large role in Calvin Coolidge’s funeral. The former president was remembered and honored in a short ceremony that lasted a brief 22 minutes and featured all of two hymns, prayers, and reading of Scripture, which included more poetry in Psalms 46 and 121.

At the grave site, a few brief words and a poem by Robert Richardson, and that was all. The funeral featured little pomp and circumstance, and it was not held in Washington, Boston, or New York but rather in his adopted home town of Northampton.

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