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Horse Themed Cremation Urns for People Who Loved Horses

Cremation urns for people who loved horses

Horses are loved by many. The majestic power, the graceful movement, the equine beauty. Horse themed cremation urns are a popular choice as a memorial for people who loved horses, and there are plenty from which to choose.

At Urns Northwest, we offer some brilliant and premium horse themed cremation urns. Continue reading Horse Themed Cremation Urns for People Who Loved Horses

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Decorative Tealight Cremation Urn Keepsakes

Our decorative tealight cremation urn keepsakes are a beautiful choice for your home. Each memorial keepsake can hold a candle as well as a small (18-20 cubic inches, depending on design) amount of cremated remains. Continue reading Decorative Tealight Cremation Urn Keepsakes

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Premium Sterling Silver Cremation Jewelry

Memorial Jewelry for Ashes

Our new line of premium Sterling Silver Cremation Jewelry is designed to help you to keep your loved one close to your heart. In collaboration with an expert jeweler with over twenty years in the industry, these memorial jewerly art pieces are individually constructed to order for you right here in the USA using the finest materials and craftsmanship. Continue reading Premium Sterling Silver Cremation Jewelry

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Make memorial garden stones with loved one’s ashes

A recent commenter mentioned that they were planning on using their loved one’s ashes to make memorial garden stones, because gardening was one of the things they loved most.

I immediately thought, What a unique and personal! Kudos to the family for creativity and for honoring their loved one’s memory in a special way. Continue reading Make memorial garden stones with loved one’s ashes

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Creating A Memorial Space in Your Home

Memorial Space

A loved one’s death will leave many things behind – photos, letters, trinkets, clothing, and much more. More than just the tangible stuff which surrounds us, a departed loved one will leave behind a lifetime of memories and a vast empty hole in the lives of those around them. One way to deal with the intangible effects of a family member’s death is to make use of the tangible things to create a memorial space in your home. Continue reading Creating A Memorial Space in Your Home

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Memorial Service Keepsakes: Pewter Pocket Charms

A memorial service is a time to remember, to share stories of fun and laughter and of tough times endured and gracious acts of love, all of which will be treasured in the hearts and minds of those who gather together to honor the life of a loved one.

Our minds store our memories in long- and short-term; and many people find that a particular location or object aids the retention of a memory into our long-term memory. That is why we offer keepsakes for memorial service, such as our Angel Pocket Charm. These sorts of items can be passed out to all who attend a service, not only as a token of appreciation for attending the service, but also as a mnemonic device for remembering the departed loved one. Continue reading Memorial Service Keepsakes: Pewter Pocket Charms

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Memorial Keepsake Boxes

Walnut Wood Keepsake Box

Keepsake boxes are the perfect memorial to your loved one if you’ve decided on interment, scattering, or placement in a mausoleum or niche. We offer a line of gorgeous walnut wood memorial keepsake boxes, which are memory chests ideal for holding a small collection of special keepsakes. These boxes are ideal for a memorial gift for family members, and tthey can be customized with name plates or laser engraving for a lasting tribute to a loved one.

Photo Memorial Keepsake Box

Our custom memorial keepsake boxes are beautifully constructed in the USA. Features include:

  • A glass lid which can hold a 5×7 photo or card or can be left empty to view to contents inside
  • A nameplate which can be customized with name and dates or a special comments
  • The interior and underside of the keepsake box is lined with premium black felt
  • Hinged lid opening revealing 2″ deep keepsake area
  • Premium walnut wood with clear, natural finish

This beautiful item and many more memory chests and cremation urn combos in our keepsake category.



See one of these boxes in detail in the video below:

Here are a few additional angles of this walnut wood memorial:

Front of wooden keepsake box Hinged Lid Detail Rear detail for keepsake box Memorial Keepsake Boxes

This Memorial Keepsake Box is available here.