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The 13 Most Beautiful Lighthouse Cremation Urns on the Web

Gorgeous Lighthouse Urns for Ashes

A lighthouse is a symbol of hope, a literal beacon of light that beckons the storm-tossed wanderer safely onwards as they journey home.

Representing solid dependability, noble dedication, and the call of the sea, lighthouses are also simply a favorite destination for those who love the coastal beauty of those points where the ocean meets the shore.

For all these reasons and more, the lighthouse a popular and fitting theme for a memorial urn. Especially so among those who treasure the memories of lighthouse touring and beach trips enjoyed together.

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Lighthouse Urn in Ceramic

The newest addition to our collection of ceramic urns is this beautiful, hand-crafted Lighthouse Urn:

Lighthouse Cremation Urn | Ceramic Art Urns

These ceramic urns are a unique design based on an actual lighthouse off the Washington coast near Cape Dissapointment. Each urn is made and fired by hand, resulting in a lighthouse memorial urn that is unique and fitting for your loved one.

19″ tall, with a 6″ base, this funeral urn holds just over 220 cubic inches of remains, and can be customized with an inscription of up to four lines fired onto the front of the urn. As with all of our cremation urns over $100, this qualifies for free ground shipping.

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