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These Floral Cremation Urns Are Earthy & Beautiful, Just Like Her

Beautiful & Earthy Floral Cremation Urns with Flower Art

We’ve recently updated some of our most popular and beautiful floral cremation urns, and the results are stunning.

Made in the USA, in a small Oregon wood shop, using premium maple wood for the box with laser etched and stained inlays for the flowers, these wooden floral cremation urns are the purest synthesis of natural earthiness and graceful beauty. Just like her. Let’s take a look.

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Cremation Urn Wood Types – Maple

Maple has been a standard wood used for making furniture in America for generations, even since the colonial days. Most of our maple urns are made with white maple, which is generally straight-grained with the occasional (and highly decorative) burl or “birds-eye” grain texture. Maple is a heavy wood, noted for its strength, durability, and resistance to abrasion. A stunning wood choice for our series of Dimensional Art Cremation Urns.

Browse all of our Maple wood urns here.

The white maple also provides the perfect contrast for engraving a photograph onto the wood, most notably seen in our best-selling Photo Engraved Cremation Urn.