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Horse Themed Cremation Urns for People Who Loved Horses

Horse Themed Cremation Urns

Horses are loved by many. The majestic power, the graceful movement, the equine beauty. Horse themed cremation urns are a popular choice as a memorial for people who loved horses, and there are plenty from which to choose.

At Urns Northwest, we offer some brilliant and premium horse themed cremation urns. Our most beloved designs are wood funeral urns made in the USA that are either standard sized (to hold the remains of one person) or companion sized (to hold the remains of two people, usually a husband and wife).

The premium feature of our horse urns is the 3-dimensional wood inlay art scene on the front of the memorial; this is a selection of laser etched woods in their natural colors which are assembled together like a 3-dimensional jigsaw puzzle to create a vivid, lifelike, yet earthy wood inlay art scene.

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Specialty Cremation Urns

Cremation urns are both functional and decorative. Most people prefer a traditional, standard urn shape and construction, in a box or vase shape to hold the cremains, with minor customization on the exterior such as a butterfly design and an engraved inscription. This makes for a simple and functional urn with enough decoration to be attractive without being outlanding.

Others, however, prefer to honor their loved one with a fitting memorial that is unique in shape and design so as to reflect the unique personality of the departed. At Urns Northwest, we have a variety of these specialty cremation urns.

Cowboy Boot Urn | Specialty Urns Cowboy Boots Urn – $499.00
Golf Urn | Golfer Urn | Golf Bag Urn Golf Bag Urn – $599.00
Camouflage Urn for Ashes Camouflage Urn – $189.00
Duck Cremation Urn | Duck Urn Mallard Duck Urn – $499.00