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What to do with a Military Funeral Flag

What should you do with a military funeral flag? What is the proper military funeral flag etiquette?

Let’s find out.

Military Funeral Flags

A military funeral flag is a standard United States flag, draped over the coffin of a member of the military services or veteran during his or her funeral. The blue field of white stars laid over the area of the deceased’s head and left shoulder, with the stripes trailing down the length of the casket.

The flag is given to the closest surviving family member. This would be first the spouse, and if no spouse then the parents or other “next of kin.”

What Size is a Military Funeral Flag?

The military funeral flag is 5′ x 9-1/2′, which is about twice the size of the standard household flag. During the service, just after TAPS is played, the American flag is folded 13 times into a triangle measuring 24″ (bottom) by 16-3/4″ (diagonal) by 2-3/4″ (width).

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