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February 2017 Funeral Links

Resources for the Funeral Industry

Here is the¬†February 2017 funeral links collection. In this monthly resource, you’ll find embalming alternatives that get away from nasty formaldehyde, a photo gallery of inlay cremation urns, The Sad Book, meditative prose from a man who lost his spouse and is wondering what to do with her remains, and much more. Continue reading February 2017 Funeral Links

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The Millennial’s Guide to Killing Funerals

We’ve recently found out that millennials are ruining just about everything. From golf to manners and even relationships, millennials are blamed for killing all sorts of traditions, trends, and trades. As a millennial myself, I say¬†we should embrace the reality of our wake of devastation and take it all the way to the grave. Literally.

Here, then, is The Millennial’s Guide to Killing Funerals. Continue reading The Millennial’s Guide to Killing Funerals