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Here’s What to Send (Instead of Flowers) When Someone Dies

Memorial Gift Ideas

What should you send when someone dies, instead of flowers?

Funeral flowers are beautiful, but many people find them depressing. After all, once the hubbub of the funeral or memorial service subsides, the flowers sit on a table and… die. A sad collection of wilting flowers isn’t exactly the image you want to leave with the recipient of your memorial gift.

So many people look for funeral flower alternatives to give that somehow celebrate life.

Whether it’s a “living wreath” instead of a traditional flower wreath, or perhaps a bird feeder that draws local wildlife close and actually helps sustain them, we’ve collected the best sympathy gifts to send instead of flowers.

If you’re looking to get away from the overdone memorial gift tradition of funeral flowers, here’s what to send instead of flowers when someone dies.

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Sympathy Card Messages: Sympathy Quotes for Loss

What should I say in a sympathy card?

What should I write in a sympathy card? If you’re carefully thinking about sympathy card messages as you try to console a grieving loved one, well, this is a good thing!

It is very wise and loving to be thoughtful about what you say or write to someone who has suffered a loss.

For anyone who has lost a loved one, you know that there are many things people say with good intentions that are still insensitive and even hurtful.

For those who have not lost a loved one, you cannot fathom what it is like. So it is doubly important to be considerate in how you express your love and sympathy to those who are grieving as you write your sympathy card messages.

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